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About LiveText and edTPA
LiveText is an edTPA Integrated Platform Provider which allows students to send their edTPA portfolio work directly to edTPA for scoring via the familiar LiveText interface. LiveText provides students an easy way to organize their edTPA portfolio work by using the File Manager feature to centrally store and manage all files.

Who should use this guide?
This guide is intended for students using LiveText to send their finalized portfolio work to edTPA for evaluation and scoring.


Before You Begin

What you’ll need (Prerequisites):
1. An user account. To submit your portfolio work for scoring, you’ll need an edTPA account. Go to, click the ‘Candidates’ tab, then click the ‘Register’ link, and follow the instructions for using an Integrated edTPA Platform Provider.
2. An Authorization Key. If you registered with edTPA and specified that you’re using an Integrated Platform Provider, you can find your Authorization Key in your edTPA account. Go to, click the ‘Candidates’ tab, then click the ‘Your Authorization Key’ link.

If you registered with edTPA without specifying that you’re using an Integrated Platform Provider, you can change it at Go to, click the ‘Candidates’ tab, and click the ‘Manage My portfolio’ link. Sign in, select ‘Switch to edTPA Platform Provider’, and follow the instructions.

Getting Started

Locating and Beginning your Assignment
1. Login to your LiveText account.
2. From your Dashboard, locate the appropriate edTPA assignment.
* Note: If you’re having trouble locating your assignment, you can use the drop-down menus to filter your assignment list by term and course.
3. Once you’ve located your assignment, click its “Begin Assignment” button.
*Note: If you’ve opened your assignment previously, this button will say “Continue Assignment.”


The Assignment Page

Assignment Details area
1. This section contains assignment information provided by your instructor or administrator. You may see an assignment description, and/ or any optional resources available for your use.
2. You will also see an ‘External Assessment Method’ section, which lists the Major, or edTPA content area, as well as the year.
*IMPORTANT - Be sure the Major (content area) and year are correct!


Assignment Submission area
1. This section is for attaching your files and documents required for submission to edTPA.
2. Click the “Attach” button to open the ‘Attach Resources’ popup window.


3. At the top of the ‘Attach Resources’ popup window, there are three file location options: LiveText Documents, File Manager, and Upload.
*Note: Do not attach documents found in the ‘LiveText Documents’ list. edTPA will not accept these documents for submission.
4. If you’ve previously uploaded your files to the File Manager, click the radio button next to ‘File Manager’. 5. Select the files you wish to attach by clicking the checkboxes next to them.
6. If your files are not yet in File Manager, click the “Upload” button.
7. Click the “Browse” button. (This button may say “Choose File” instead.)
8. Navigate to your file, and double click it.
*Note: The progress bar will show the status of the upload. After it shows 100%, wait until it displays ‘Completed’ before continuing.
9. When you’ve finished selecting and/or uploading all of your files, click the “Attach” button.


10. After you’ve attached all of your required files, click the “Send your work to edTPA” button to open the ‘Align your files’ popup window.

The ‘Align your Files’ Popup Window
Aligning your files to edTPA Tasks and Parts
This window allows you to match up your attached files to the appropriate edTPA Task and Part. Each drop-down menu is for selecting a single file.

1. Click a dropdown menu. All of your attached files will be listed.
2. Choose your file that corresponds to the Task and Part shown above the dropdown menu.
*IMPORTANT: Choose a file for ALL dropdown menus! (Unless, the menu is specifically labeled as ‘Optional’.)


Last Steps and Sending to edTPA
The bottom of the ‘Align your Files’ popup window requires two more steps before sending to edTPA.

1. Click the checkbox to acknowledge the edTPA Terms of Service.
2. Type in your edTPA authorization key in the blank text box.
3. Double check that you’ve aligned a different, unique file in each of the required dropdown menus.
*Note: You can click the “Save and Close” button to save your current file alignments, and return to the assignment page without sending.
4. Click the “Send to edTPA” button.



The Final Step
Your files have been sent to edTPA. However, before you files will be evaluated, you must visit your account at, and officially submit your portfolio for scoring.

*IMPORTANT: Once you officially submit your portfolio at, you can no longer make changes. If you find you’ve made an error, do NOT submit at See the next section for how to correct mistakes.

Correcting Errors
If you discover you’ve made a mistake, but you’ve already hit the “Send your work to edTPA” button, you can withdraw your submission, fix your errors, and re-send.

Locating and Viewing your Assignment
1. Login to your LiveText account.
2. From your Dashboard, locate the appropriate edTPA assignment.
*Note: Since you’ve already submitted it, the assignment will now have a yellow border, rather than red.
3. Once you’ve located your assignment, click its “View Assignment” button.

Withdrawing your Submission
1. On the assignment page, scroll to the bottom.
2. Click the “Withdraw Submission” button.
3. On the confirmation popup, click OK.
4. You will be returned to your dashboard.

*Note: This is the same process as with any LiveText assignment. 

1. On the dashboard, locate your edTPA assignment.
*Note: Your edTPA assignment will now have a red border again.
2. Return to the Getting Started section, on page 4, and repeat the sending process, correcting any errors or mistakes.
*Note: When you view your assignment, you’ll see that your original files are still attached
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