How to compress a video file before uploading to LiveText

The file size limit for video uploads in LiveText is 1000MB. If your instructor is using the Video Assessment feature, the file size for your video should be 200MB or less. If you are uploading videos for edTPA submission, please see your edTPA handbook to find the recommended file type and file size.

If your video file exceeds the size limit you can use a video compression tool to reduce the file size. There are many video compression tools available, but the tool we recommend is Handbrake. Handbrake is software that provides an easy way to prepare videos for the web. It is free, open source, and widely used. To download Handbrake please go to

*Please note that because video compression and manipulation occur outside of our software, we are only able to provide limited support and do not endorse or support any specific video program.

Handbrake Instructions

1. Once you open Handbrake, click on the Source button to import your video
2. Click File


3. Select the video from your computer that you would like to compress, and click Open


4. Next, you will choose a destination for the new file you are about to create. Click Browse


5. Choose a folder on your computer where you would like to save the new file. Enter a File name and click Save
6. You will be brought back to the Handbrake main page. Choose MP4 as the Format, and check the Web Optimized checkbox

*Please note: If you are required to use a different video format that is not listed in Handbrake, you may need to use a different compression tool

7. Click on the Video tab, and choose MPEG-4 as the Video Codec

8. Click the Start Encode button


A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. When it gets to 100%, your video will be ready. To check the final size of the compressed video, navigate to the folder where you saved the compressed file, right-click on the file, and go to Properties.

*Please note: If your new video file still exceeds the size limit you may want to repeat this process in Handbrake and try adjusting the Quality setting on the Video tab. Setting the quality to a lower value will reduce the size of the new video file.


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