edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system used by teacher preparation programs throughout the United States to emphasize, measure and support the skills and knowledge that all teachers need from Day 1 in the classroom. https://www.edtpa.com/
  • edTPA FAQs for Students using Taskstream

    Students can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding edTPA submission in this article. For more extensive information on completing the edTPA in Taskstream, see the PDF guide attached below. Submit Work vs. Send to Pearson vs. Re-Send to Pearson In the top-right of your edTPA program, you may see two separate buttons - one to Submit Work and ...

  • edTPA: Evidence Chart and Error Troubleshooting

    Submitting Tasks In Taskstream, all edTPA tasks must be submitted and/or Sent to Pearson at the same time. Please make sure that you have completed all tasks before clicking Submit Work or Send to Pearson. In other words, you cannot submit Task 1-Part A by itself.  All tasks are submitted together as a package. Errors If you receive validation errors when attempting ...

  • edTPA- Pearson Contact Information

    If you have questions about your Pearson authorization code or the scoring of your edTPA, please contact Pearson Customer Support for edTPA Candidates.Pearson's edTPA customer support can be reached by using the email communication form at www.edtpa.com/contacts.aspx or by phone at either 413-256-2889 or 866-565-4872.