edTPA FAQs for Students using Taskstream

Students can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding edTPA submission in this article. For more extensive information on completing the edTPA in Taskstream, see the PDF guide attached below.

Submit Work vs. Send to Pearson vs. Re-Send to Pearson

In the top-right of your edTPA program, you may see two separate buttons - one to Submit Work and another to Send to Pearson.


Note: Depending on the settings selected by your institution, you may not see both of these options. 

Selecting Submit Work will send a copy of your edTPA program to your institution, but will NOT trigger a submission to Pearson for official scoring. 

Selecting Send to Pearson will trigger a transfer of your edTPA to Pearson for official scoring, but will NOT send a copy to your institution.

After submitting to Pearson, you may notice that you now have access to a Re-Send to Pearson button. This option typically appears if there was an issue with your initial transfer which will require you to initiate a new submission. 


Accessing the Handbook and Evidence Chart

The edTPA Handbook and other helpful documents can be accessed by clicking the link in the
Overview section of your edTPA. The password to view the link will also be listed. 


Selecting this link will present you with a pop-up that has two sections - one unique to the specific edTPA you are completing, and another with more general resources. 


Selecting the first item under Home, which will have the name of your edTPA's content area, will direct you to a page which has supporting documentation. Pay particular attention to the Handbook, which includes an Evidence Chart indicating the types of content that must be added before submission is possible. An example of this is shown below:


Understanding Validation Errors

When you attempt to Transfer your edTPA to Pearson, or to submit it to your school, Taskstream checks to ensure that all areas meet the requirements specified by Pearson, and listed in the Evidence Chart. If all areas do not comply with Pearson's requirements, you will receive a validation error, such as the one shown below. Specific causes for receiving a validation error can include:

  • not including content for each individual area of the edTPA
  • an incorrect number of files uploaded for an individual area
  • an incorrect file type uploaded to an area

A validation error indicating that there are requirements missing attachments

It is possible to receive validation errors even if you believe you have included the correct number and type of files. This is generally due to the edTPA program not having been set up properly by your institution. In such a case, you may see that Taskstream is returning an error for every single requirement of your edTPA, even though you have checked the Evidence Chart. If you are experiencing this, contact your institution's Taskstream administrator for assistance. 

For more information on errors and the Evidence Chart, see:

edTPA: Evidence Chart and Error Troubleshooting


Video File Uploads and Video Compression

Video files uploaded to your edTPA must be less than 500mb.

If your file is larger than this, it is likely because it was recorded at a very high quality. Videos do not need to have their run times shortened to reduce their file size, and in many cases this may not be recommended. If your video is larger than 500mb, you will need to compress the file. The compression process makes the file smaller by reducing image quality. However, even large reductions to the overall file size can still result in a good quality video. There is no video compression functionality in Taskstream, but a guide on using a third-party program can be accessed below:

How to compress a video before uploading to Taskstream

Contacting Pearson:
If you have questions about your Pearson authorization code or the scoring of your edTPA, please contact Pearson Customer Support. Pearson's contact information can be located below:

edTPA- Pearson Contact information


See the Attached edTPA Candidate Guide for more information.

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