Watermark Navigator: Troubleshooting Guide


Watermark Navigator provides a single log-in point from which users can enter all Watermark products that they have access to.

To ensure that users have a seamless experience logging in, there are several considerations that are important to keep in mind.

Verify User Account Status

You will need to ensure that the user has an account aligned to the Watermark product they are attempting to access. Beyond this, certain Watermark products require the account to be in an Active status. Additionally, users must have a Role applied in each Watermark product they are intending to access, as users who have no assigned Role will be unable to access a product, even if they have an active account aligned to it. 

Verify correct Login URL

Institutions utilizing Navigator have two options for login destination. However, it is not possible for a single institution to use both options. Therefore, a user would need to know whether to log in directly or through an institutional single-sign-on. 

  • If expected to log in directly, users should navigate to login.watermarkinsights.com
  • If an institutional single-sign-on is set up, there will be a unique login URL exclusively for users at the institution. It would typically look something like the URL below:



Possible Error Messages and How to Troubleshoot

"We weren't expecting you"


If a user receives this error message, it means the system may not be able to locate an account based on the information provided.

In many cases, this error can be resolved by the user simply clearing their cache, or alternatively, switching to a different browser.

For information on clearing your browser's cache, please click here.

If that does not resolve the issue, you will want to look into the following possibilities:

  • Has the user recently updated their email address?
  • Is there a typo or domain change in the user's email address?  If so, their email address in the Watermark product may require updating. Depending on the Watermark product, you may need to  "Submit a Request" below to request that the email be updated. 

If clearing the cache is unable to resolve the issue, and it does not appear that there is an error in the user's email address or the URL they are using, please contact our Client Support team by clicking

Submit a Request.


Access Denied


This error message indicates that access to a product is being denied, and is very likely related to one of the following two causes:

  • The user does not have a Role in the Watermark product.
  • The user is attempting to login through an incorrect URL

Something's Wrong Here


This error can appear for a variety of reasons, but is most typically seen when a user's browser has stored a previous session that is now affecting their ability to log back in. In this situation, the user would want to:

  • Perform a full system logout to terminate any active sessions that may be lingering. This can be done by visiting logout.watermarkinsights.com 
  • Clear their browser's cache
  • Attempt login through a different browser

If the user is still unable to resolve the issue, they can contact our Client Support team by clicking Submit a Request.

If making a request, please include the following information : 

  • Have you been able to log in successfully before? If so, when?
  • What email address are you using to access your account?
  • Provide the URL you are using when attempting to log in (e.g. login.watermarkinsights.com/SAML-Initiate/nameofyourinstitution)
  • What is the error message you’re receiving? (Please place a screenshot of the error message in
    your response)
  • Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache or using a different browser? If so, which browsers
    have you tried?
  • Please copy the URL that appears on the address bar after receiving the error message and
    paste it in your response.

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