Brightspace (D2L) Integration

Incorporate Measure Results Directly from D2L Brightspace
Assessment Leads now have the option to incorporate rubric assessment results directly from D2L Brightspace into measure results in Watermark P. The results pulled will be reflected in the plan’s annual reports.
Activate Integration
Similar to the Canvas integration, the Planning & Self-Study system administrator or administrator must first activate the integration to establish the connection with your institution's instance of D2L. Please note that you will need access to specific organizations in D2L to activate this integration.
  1. In Planning & Self-Study, go to Admin > Integrations > Other Integrations. Click “Connect to D2L Brightspace.mceclip0.png

Follow the steps as indicated to establish the connection. If you do not have administrative access to Client ID, please reach out to someone who does for assistance. 


Steps to connect Planning & Self-Study to Canvas. 
  1. Once you provide the requested details from D2L, click "Authorize D2L Brightspace.” In the new browser window, enter your D2L credentials, and click “Authorize” to activate the integration.
        Enter your D2L credentials, and click “Authorize” to activate the integration.
Successfully-activated Integration

Align Rubric Results from D2L Brightspace

Once the integration is activated, assessment leads can pull assessment results from D2L Brightspace into measures in Planning & Self-Study using their own accounts. To do this, an assessment lead will follow these steps:
  1. Either create a new measure or add results to an existing one. Create a new measure and select “Align Rubric”. 

    Aligning rubric results from another system to a new measure.
  2. “Add Results” to an existing measure and then select “I want to align results from another system.”
    Aligning rubric results from another system to an existing measure

  3. Select D2L Brightspace as the source from which to pull measure results. The assessment lead will then authenticate with their D2L credentials to authorize the system to access the rubric results data they have access to in D2L Brightspace.mceclip6.pngSource options for aligning rubric results from another system.

  4. Select the organization and artifact where the rubric has been used to pull relevant assessment results. The user will be able to view the organization(s) that they are part of, and view assignments and discussion topics as artifacts.

    mceclip7.pngSelect the Organization & Artifact from the drop-down.
  5. The user will be able to choose from a list of assignments relevant to the selected organization if the “Assignment” artifact type is selected. For discussion topics, the user will have to first select a discussion forum and then the topic that falls under it.
    Select the Assignment/Discussion Topic from the list.
  6. The rubric list will filter automatically based on the selected assignment/topic. The user will then be able to choose to pull either the overall rubric score or rubric criteria results into Planning & Self-Study.
    Select the Rubric from the list & choose overall score or rubric criteria results.
  7. Once aligned, the filtered results from D2L Brightspace will display in the measure in Planning & Self-Study, as well as in the Annual Report generated from within Planning & Self-Study.
    D2L results displayed in the assessment plan in Planning & Self-Study.

    The results from D2L displayed in the assessment report in Planning & Self-Study.
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