Blackboard Integration

Activate Integration
The Planning & Self-Study system administrator or administrator must first activate the integration to establish the connection with your institution's instance of Blackboard Learn or Blackboard Ultra. Please note that access to specific organizations in Blackboard is required to activate this integration.
To activate this integration, an administrator will follow these easy steps:
1.  In Planning & Self-Study, go to Admin > Integrations > Other Integrations. Click “Connect to Blackboard Learn”.Click on ‘CONNECT TO Blackboard Learn
mceclip0.pngThe integrations overview page
2.  Follow the steps as indicated in the sidebar to establish the connection. If you are establishing a connection with Blackboard Ultra, you'll need to make sure to check the box for Blackboard Ultra as shown in the screenshot below>
Note: The Learn User(s) in Blackboard is required to have full System Admin permissions.
Complete the steps to Integrate Planning & Self-Study with Blackboard Learn OR Blackboard Ultra.


3.   Once you provide the requested details from Blackboard Learn, click "Authorize Blackboard Learn.” In the new browser window, enter your Blackboard Learn credentials, and click “Login” to activate the integration.

mceclip2.pngEnter your Blackboard Learn credentials, and click “Login” to activate the integration.
mceclip3.pngSuccessfully activated integration

Align Results from Blackboard

Once the integration is activated by the administrator, assessment leads can pull assessment results from Blackboard Learn into measures in Planning & Self-Study using their own accounts. To do this, an assessment lead will follow these steps:


1.     Either create a new measure or add results to an existing one.

        a.   Create a new measure and select “Align Results”.
mceclip4.png                    Aligning rubric results from another system to a new measure.

        b.     “Add Results” to an existing measure and then select “I want to align results from another system”.
              mceclip5.png                    Aligning rubric results from another system to an existing measure.

2.  Select Blackboard Learn as the source from which to pull measure results. The assessment lead will then authenticate with their Blackboard Learn credentials to authorize themselves.
mceclip6.pngSource options for aligning rubric results from another system.

3.  Assessment leads can reauthorize the system with a different Blackboard Learn account to pull the assessment results by clicking on the link “reauthorize here” and logging out of any Blackboard account. Once authorized correctly, click ‘Next’.Reauthorize Blackboard Learn

4.   Select the Course and Assessment Activity from which to import relevant assessment results. View the Course(s) that they are associated with and view the Assignments and Tests as an assessment activity.
mceclip8.pngSelect the Assignment/Test from the list.

5.   Choose from a list of Assignments/Tests relevant to the selected course.
mceclip9.pngSelect the Assignment from the list
mceclip10.pngSelect the Test from the list

6.   Under Result Settings, choose to interpret the results in Planning & Self-Study based on a Numerical Score Threshold or select the Grading Schema levels relevant to the selected assessment activity.
mceclip11.pngSelect the Result setting as Numerical Score Threshold
mceclip12.pngSelect the Result setting as Schema Levels

7.    Once aligned, the filtered results from Blackboard Learn will display in the measure in Planning & Self-Study, as well as in the Annual Report generated from within Planning & Self-Study.
Blackboard Learn results displayed in the assessment plan in Planning & Self-Study.   The results from Blackboard Learn displayed in the assessment report in Planning & Self-Study.
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