Editing Hierarchy through System Admin

In order to affiliate users with the appropriate program/departmental area, you'll want to make sure the areas exist in your hierarchy. You have the ability add, edit, and move areas within your hierarchy by following the steps below.


Editing your hierarchy is in the System Administrator area. On your home page, click on System Administrator on the left side. When you click System Administrator, it opens in a new tab. It has a separate login from the login to get into the account. The System Administrator permissions is applied by Watermark’s Support Team. It is possible to apply system administrator permissions to more than one account at the request of a designated lead contact for a school.


Once you’ve reached the System Administrator Home Page, click Institution Structure on the bottom right. 


On the next page, you will see the list of branches that make up the hierarchy. On the branch where you would like to make a change or add additional areas, click define nodes. Note: The names of the branches may be different for your site.



On the next page, you will see the hierarchy for the branch.


Renaming an Area

To rename an area, click the Edit link that pertains to that particular node.



Edit the new name of the node and then click Submit.

Please note: There is no need to fill out any of the areas below ‘Name of Node.


Adding a New Area


To add a new participating area (eg., a program, department, office, etc.), click Add a […]. In this example, a program is being added to the Accounting Department.



Enter a title for the new participating area and click Submit.



Once the new area is added, you can enroll it into a workspace and affiliate users with the new area.


Deleting an Area

When you create a new area, you’re able to delete that area within 5 days. If you need to delete an area after 5 days, please add it to your archive or contact our help desk. Please note that for an area to be deleted, the area must be unaffiliated from all user accounts and it must be unenrolled from all affiliated workspaces. Once that area is deleted, the associated data is permanently deleted as well. If a node has been in use for a long period of time, we strongly recommend creating an section of your hierarchy and asking for the node to be moved there, instead of deleting it completely.


Moving an Area

Currently, only the Help Desk can move areas within your hierarchy. However, with your written request, we can add this permission to your account. If you wish to have this permission applied, please send the request in writing to support@watermarkinsights.com. Once this permission is added, you can move areas within your hierarchy to a different department, a different level, or to another branch. The data tied to the node will remain intact, regardless of where it is moved. It is only in the case of deletion that associated data is lost.


Making a Node Inactive

When editing the name of an area, you’re able to make it inactive. We do not recommend using this functionality as it removes the participating area from the locator.





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