Locating, Reporting on, and Affiliating Subscribers in the Member Locator

The Locator can be used to identify users across your institution, affiliate them with the participating areas they require, and/or run more advanced user reports. 

To View All AMS Users in Your Organization

This can be done by entering the Locator and selecting “All Subscribers (email, registration status, etc.)” from the pull-down menu of preset report options in the upper-right of the following screen. 

For each subscriber, this report includes the organizational area(s) with which he or she is affiliated, the individual’s email address and the status of his or her account.

 There are many other user reports that can accessed in this drop-down, and we would particularly highlight the report indicating all users whose account is currently Active. This can be run by selecting “Active Subscribers (by organizational affiliation w/ID)” from the pull-down menu. 

For each organizational area, this report includes the names of the active, individual users who are affiliated with that area, with their respective start and end dates.

To affiliate users with participating areas

Users can be affiliated by following the steps below:

  1. Select "Locator" at the top of the Home page
  2. Enter a user's name in the Search field on the left; hit "Search"
  3. Select the user's name once it appears
  4. Select "Add Affiliations"
  5. Select the type of affiliation from the drop-down on the following screen
  6. Use the check-boxes to select any area the user should be affiliated with. 
  7. Select "Create Affiliations"
  8. On the following screen, you will be able to adjust the user's View and Edit access to every workspace their affiliated participating areas are enrolled in. 

For further information on this process, please see the downloadable GUIDE . 

Click the expand icon on the video's lower right side for larger and fullscreen viewing. Click "CC" to access closed captions.


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