Demographic Import


You can retrieve the demographic import template for your institution by logging in to System Administrator and clicking on Demographics. You'll be able to download the template and complete the process below. 


Demographic Import

Demographic Import provides efficiency for configuring accounts and includes the ability to import demographic data into existing accounts. Institutions deliver completed Excel spreadsheets that conform to the data format specified by Taskstream LAT by Watermark, and our client support team imports the information into the system.

Demographic information in LAT can be used to filter performance data collected via DRF Programs. Before you can prepare a table for demographic import, please make sure to work with your Implementation Consultant to define the demographic descriptors and responses you want available. Your Implementation Consultant will ensure that your demographic categories and responses meet your specifications before the demographic import process begins. Once your demographics are finalized, you can follow the process below to initiate a demographic import.


1. Obtain your demographic import template from the System Administrator area within your LAT account.

a. Click the System Administrator link in the top navigation bar.


b. Enter your System Administrator credentials.



c. Click on the Demographics link from the System Administrator menu.



d. Select if you’d like to include all subscribers or only active subscribers and then choose your prefer Excel format for download.



2. Included in this table you will find a number of required fields. Required fields include External ID, Taskstream ID, Node Path, Last Name, and First Name. In the table, this required information will already be populated with information about your existing subscribers. Please do not alter or delete that information.



In the demographic import table, you will also find fields corresponding to your demographic categories (these will be unique to your organization and therefore may differ from the example above).

For each demographic descriptor, the header row of the table will list potential responses and corresponding codes for each response. Please use the response codes provided in the header row to indicate which attribute should be applied to each individual.

Example of a LAT demographic import table after codes have been added:



After you have entered the correct codes for all subscribers and demographic descriptors, please save your changes and email it to The import will be processed, and you will receive a confirmation via email that your subscribers’ demographic information was successfully updated.


Tips and Tricks for Populating your Data

If your demographic data is coming from a system that uses different codes to indicate descriptor responses, you can populate this table with your SIS data and then run a function to replace SIS codes with LAT codes.

For instance, In the above table, LAT uses the code 44_212 to indicate that a given user’s ethnicity is Mexican-American. If your SIS uses the code 5 for this descriptor, you can tell excel to replace all 5’s with 44_212 by:


1. Select the column that contains the demographic descriptors you would like to replace with LAT codes.
2. Click on the Find & Select button.



3. Choose Replace...
4. A popup window will appear. (Note: Be sure to click the Options button to expand that section if it is collapsed.)
5. Enter the SIS descriptor code in the Find what: box.
6. In the Replace with: box, enter the LAT descriptor code that matches that entry.
7. Be sure to check the Match entire cell contents box.
8. Click the Replace All button.
9. A confirmation window will open, indicating the number of entries that were replaced. Click OK to return to your file.
10. Repeat these steps for each possible response code of each demographic descriptor.


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