Browse for Multiple Faculty Members by the Courses They Teach (in the Faculty Credentials module)

The Faculty Credentialing module offers three (3) ways to select the faculty members for whom you want to run a report or review or approve credentials.

For other options See "Search for One Faculty Member" or See "Browse for Multiple Faculty Members by Area"

Only one of these methods can be used at a time. If you have entered information into any of these areas and then click in another area, you will be alerted and asked to choose between them.

Use this browse tool to select multiple faculty members based on the courses they have self-identified as teaching. The scrolling course list is displayed in an accordion menu, organized by subject area (according to course subject prefix).

To select multiple faculty members by the courses they teach

  1. Expand the subjects for which you want to select courses.

The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons may be used to expand or collapse any section of the menu. Multiple subject areas can be expanded at the same time.

  1. Use check boxes to Select All courses within an area


    Check individual courses to select them.

Notice that the subject header bars display a count of the total number of courses you have selected.

What's Next

If you've selected to run a Report for multiple faculty members, this same Search page will offer the option to apply advanced filtering criteria.

If you're Credentialing Faculty and have selected multiple faculty members, click Continue to view search results.

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