CAEP Capacity Table 4

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As part of our suite of base reports, Faculty Success maintains a custom report fitting the CAEP template for Capacity Table 4: Clinical Educator and Other Faculty Qualifications. This table is required as part of the self-study and may be updated each year as part of the annual report process.

On July 1, 2013, the two main professional accrediting bodies for P-12 Teacher Education in the United States (NCATE and TEAC) were unified into a new accrediting agency, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). This change was made with a completely revised set of accreditation standards for teacher education programs, available here. Education Preparation Providers (EPPs) are encouraged to begin following the CAEP standards and requirements for accreditation immediately and will be required to follow these processes beginning in spring of 2016.

To support these new standards and requirements, Faculty Success can provide CAEP Capacity Table 4: Clinical Educator and Other Faculty Qualifications. This table is part of the CAEP Phase II application process and the self study process and is used by CAEP to consider qualifications of faculty involved in P-12 Teacher Education preparation. The table pulls information about your faculty members’ education, program assignments and teaching experience, licenses and certifications as well as former P-12 experiences.

While the base report addresses one of the Capacity tables, you will find that other data tracked in Faculty Success may be used to support additional standards and requirements set forth by CAEP, such as Standard Two which focuses on Clinical Partnerships and Practice. You may already be using Faculty Success to track faculty partnerships with school districts, stakeholders and other school partners. Additionally, you can also utilize Faculty Success to track faculty professional qualifications, development and evaluation of clinical educators and classroom teachers.   

CAEP Capacity Table 4

Security Roles: Department, College and University 
This report includes consideration of the qualifications of faculty involved in clinical and other program components. This information is needed as part of the self study and displays the the credentials of the clinical Educator as well as their Faculty qualifications. 

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