Workflow Onboarding Curriculum

Welcome to the Workflow Onboarding Curriculum!

The Workflow Onboarding content in this article is current as of October 2018. We are currently working on a new certification process. However, the information in this article is still relevant for the time being, and we encourage you to visit our News & Updates page for recent features and enhancements. 

Since each of these modules builds upon the last, you must watch them in the order that they are listed below. Having said that, you may notice that many of the concepts in Workflow are based on knowledge gained during onboarding and training as a Faculty Success administrator. So, if you're unsure about any concepts, feel free to refer back to the Faculty Success training content, but make sure you're tackling the Workflow modules in order.

Happy learning!

Creating a Workflow Process Template

Course Learning Outcome: Understand how to configure a Workflow Template, including configuring the process, each step in the process, and the forms in each step.

Using Process Branching Options

Course Learning Outcome: Understand the available Workflow process branching options and how to apply them in different scenarios.

Managing Reviewer Role Groups

Course Learning Outcome: Understand the concept of Role Groups and how they interact with Workflow Templates to create a larger process.

Launching Your Workflow Process

Course Learning Outcome: Understand the concept of Schedules, steps for configuring them, and how to launch a Schedule for a process.

Submitting to a Workflow Process

Course Learning Outcome: Understand where to find submission forms, how to complete and submit them, and how to track the status of a process.

Reviewing a Workflow Submission

Course Learning Outcome: Understand where to locate, review, respond to, and submit responses to a submission, as well as how to track the status of a process.

Managing and Monitoring Launched Processes

Course Learning Outcome: Understand the administrative tools at your disposal for monitoring and managing Workflow processes post-launch.


Workflow is an add-on module to Faculty Success for an additional fee. To learn more about adding it for your institution contact your Client Success Manager today.

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