Faculty Success Advanced Training

Welcome to Faculty Success (Digital Measures): Advanced Training for Administrators! 

Below, you'll find one video corresponding to each module of this course. Since each video builds upon knowledge gained in the previous sections, please be sure to watch the videos in order. We recommend referencing these materials post-implementation, when you're ready to learn all there is to know about the system. 

Happy learning!

Module I: Course Overview

Module II: Creating and Updating Records

Learning Outcome: Become proficient in or familiar with the methods of getting data into the Faculty Success (Digital Measures) database

Module III: Creating and Managing User Accounts

Learning Outcome: Understand the necessary components of user accounts and be able to manage accounts within Faculty Success (Digital Measures)

Module IV: Customizing Data Collection Screens

Learning Outcome: Assess the ways you can customize Faculty Success (Digital Measures) to make it your own

Module V: Building and Running Self-Service Reports

Learning Outcome: Familiarize yourself with Faculty Success' (Digital Measures) Self-Service reporting capabilities

Module VI: Building and Running Full-Service Reports

Learning Outcome: Familiarize yourself with Faculty Success' (Digital Measures) Full-Service reporting capabilities

Module VII: Auditing System Usage

Learning Outcome: Understand how to audit system usage and why it’s important to identify usage trends


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