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Faculty Success Full-Service Reports

Faculty Success Report: Annual Faculty Activity Report 

Security Roles: Faculty, Department, College and University 
This report template displays four sections highlighting faculty's teaching and advising, Scholarship and Research, Service and Professional Credentials, Consulting and Development, in that order, within a specific date range. In Step 4: Report Options, the user is able to determine if they'd like to display teaching or research information first, as well as select an abbreviated version and hide sections that do not have any data.

Faculty Success Report: Faculty Vita

Security Roles: Faculty, Department, College and University 
This report, also available through Self-Service Reporting, displays most of a faculties records within Faculty Success within a specific date range. This template mostly follows our base screen structure leading with general information, moving into teaching, research and service. The teaching and service sections also include any specific awards and honors related to those categories.  Because this tool allows for you to reorder, delete and add sections, this template is simply a starter.

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