Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for April 16, 2024

Lightcast National Average for Jobs and Annual Openings

In the Labor Market Overview widget, available in the Program Review module for institutions that have licensed the Market Landscape Data Pack, we have now introduced the average value in comparison to the National Average for the Jobs and Annual Openings data points. 

This complements the existing values in comparison to National Average for Change and Median Earnings for the selected Program and Jobs.

Based on the selections made for Program CIP codes and Jobs, the average value is calculated and compared to the National Average of the Jobs or Annual Openings. If an average value obtained for the selected Program CIP codes and Jobs is less or more than the National Average then the percentage value above or below the National Average will be displayed.

National Average.png

This data will allow the users to compare the data with the national data so that the clients have a clear understanding about the jobs details and also about the openings available at their regions for these jobs.

This data will be updated whenever there is a change in the Jobs selected or change in the Lightcast Radius.

The comparison to the National Average will also be included when this widget is pulled into the Program Review narrative, as well as into a Word or PDF export.

National Average 2.png



Leader Insights Release Notes for April 16, 2024

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