Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for March 19, 2024

D2L Integration Enhancement: New Date Filter for Instructor role


Instructors will now have the ability to filter courses by academic year when bringing over results data from D2L. This new capability enhances the course selection process for instructors with access to a large number of courses in D2L, allowing them to quickly and easily search for courses. When the academic year is selected, all courses falling within that period are displayed. Additionally, instructors can utilize a search function to quickly locate the desired courses within the populated list.


From the Instructor’s workflow, instructors can now select a specific academic year from the dropdown menu. All the available academic years for the institution are displayed in the dropdown.



Upon selecting an academic year, instructors will automatically see all courses falling within the date range of that academic year. Courses are displayed in a two-column format, showing course code and course name. Sorting of courses is alphanumeric. Courses are presented as single-select radio options.


Once selected, the course is displayed in the footer beside the "Selected Course" option. If no course is selected, "None" is displayed.



Instructors can also use the search option to search for specific courses. If no results are found, a helpful message guides users to refine their search or select a different academic year. Pagination is implemented to display up to 50 records per page.


Validation messages prompt instructors to select an academic year or course if not already selected. Selected options for academic year and course are retained when navigating between fly-outs. Options selected for alignment are saved upon clicking "Align Results."



After selecting a course and clicking next, instructors will be directed to the existing workflow of selecting Artifacts, Assignments, Rubrics and Results Settings.



Users can edit the alignment by clicking on "Edit Alignment." Previously selected options are retained, allowing users to update their selections as needed. Upon editing alignment, the selected course is displayed in the footer. Confirmation message prompts users when changing existing results.


Ability to copy a Lightcast Widget into a Program Review Narrative


Leads engaged in writing a Program Review report can now incorporate Lightcast widgets directly into their Program Review narratives, simplifying the workflow and eliminating the need for manual screenshot uploads. This enhancement not only saves users valuable time but also ensures a more efficient and user-friendly experience. With widgets seamlessly integrating into exported documents such as PDFs and Word files, users can easily provide labor market data as evidence of program viability and/or data-driven resource allocation.


For institutions that do not have Lightcast enabled or set up, they will not be able to see the View and Insert Icons and side panel. However, upon Lightcast activation, a new icon labeled "View and Insert Insights" will become available in the Program Review > Write Narrative > side panel, allowing for seamless integration of widgets into the narrative.



Clicking the "View all Insights" button opens a half flyout, enabling users to conveniently view all widgets one place.


Users can also view individual widgets and easily access labor market data at a glance. They can also add this widget to the narrative from inside the fly-out by clicking Add to Narrative button to insert it at the cursor’s location.



To add a widget, users simply click the Plus button next to a widget to insert it at the cursor's location. In addition, there is another location inside the view individual widget fly-out. There is a button for add to narrative, which will allow the user to add the open widget to the narrative.




To remove a widget from the narrative, you can use the backspace or delete keys in the same way as narrative text.

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