Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for November 7, 2023


Ability to Include or Omit the Judgement of Compliance in a Self-Study

Users can now choose to include or omit the Judgment of Compliance for specific sections or standards, providing greater flexibility and control when setting up a self-study. The decision to include or omit Judgments of Compliance will be visible in the generated reports.



The option to include or omit will be under the Customize Template area. 


Course Plans and Action Insights

The plan administrator/Dean will be able to view a chart depicting the status of a course assessment plan’s actions while viewing insights. Users will be able to view the status of actions added for outcomes and measures in a course assessment plan.


The chart will include all the general outcomes & measure actions. The actions will be segregated by their respective status Not Started/In Progress/Completed. The chart will accurately depict the number of actions for each of the statuses. The actions of type “Maintain Assessment Strategy“ will not be included in the chart.



View Details of Actions by Status

Users will be able to view the details of actions of a particular status. All of the actions will be listed alphabetically. The list will include both general outcomes and measure actions. The following details will be shown for actions:

  • The outcome title associated with an action
  • The outcome associated with the general outcome/measure action
  • The due date added for an action


Export Action Details

The Plan administrator/Dean will be able to export the details of an action in CSV format. The report will consist of all the action details.


Compare Actions of Multiple Assessment Plans

Users will have the ability to compare the actions with multiple assessment plans. Upon comparison, a separate chart will be shown for all of the plans selected. Users will be able to view the details of the actions of all plans under insights.



New Assessment Plan Status Dashboard and Terminology Adjustment


The plan administrators will now have the ability to have insights into the status of respective participating organizations or courses in an assessment plan. Previously, they were only able to view the organizations/courses that were in progress. Additionally, there was no equivalent Complete status and the In Progress status on the overview is currently a sum of In Progress and Complete.

Plan administrators will now have a graphical representation of plan progress by organizations/courses under insights.


Plan Progress By Organization/Course

The overall widget will no longer have the organization/course count under insights. If the plan’s overall status is In Progress then the following three statuses for plan progress will be available.

  • Not Started: This status includes the count of all the organizations/courses in the assessment plan whose plan data entry has not begun.

  • In Progress: This status includes the count of all the organizations/courses in the assessment plan whose plan data entry has begun but has not yet been submitted.

    *If the organization status is In Progress and the plan is marked as Completed then all such organizations/courses will be shown under the status Incomplete in the chart.
  • Submitted: This status includes the count of all the organizations in the assessment plan whose plan data entry has been submitted.



Compare the progress of multiple plans

Plan administrators will have the ability to compare the progress of multiple assessment plans. A separate chart will be shown for each of the assessment plans selected for comparison.



Update to the Organization/Course Status

The status of the organization/course in an assessment plan has been updated. Currently, the status for such organizations that have submitted says Complete. Now, it will say Submitted if the plan has been submitted for that particular organization. This has been updated to Submitted since plans aren’t actually complete after they are submitted.



Status Update in Plan Organizational Progress Summary Report

If the organization’s data entry has been submitted then the same will be shown in the report. The status of the organization will now be shown as Submitted in the Plan Organizational Progress Summary report. Additionally, the column name Overall Plan Status has been renamed to Organization Status.


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