Prospect Source Administration


Prospect Sources are used to determine how a prospect record was created and help explain how/where/when a prospect was first engaged with.

  • Each prospect can only be associated with one prospect source.
  • Every prospect source must be associated with one pre-defined category.
  • If a prospect is associated with a prospect source, the prospect source will display on the prospect record's Profile tab.
  • If a prospect submits multiple inquiry forms with different prospect sources, only the prospect source included on the very first form submission will display on the prospect record. 
  • For more information about prospect sources, click here.

Examples of prospect sources are:

2023-10-06 08_09_32-DEV - Student Success & Engagement_ 9.8.0 - Jira.png

Prospect Source Categories

Every Prospect Source must be associated with one of the following categories:

  1. High School visit/event

  2. College visit/event

  3. Inbound direct

  4. Purchased list

  5. Web form

  6. Other

Prospect Source Permissions

From Roles Administration, the "Can Manage Prospect Sources” permission is required to be able to add or edit prospect sources.

  • When first enabled, you must log out and log back in in order to view Prospect Sources on the Admin page menu items.
  • This permission also allows users with a permitted role to access the the Prospect Source Admin page in order to create a new Prospect Source on the fly.

How to Create a New Prospect Source in SS&E Admin:

  1. Enable "Can Manage Prospect Sources" in Role Administration.

  2. If Prospect Sources is missing from the Admin page, log out and log back in.

  3. Select Prospect Sources from the SS&E Admin page.

  4. Select +New.

  5. Enter a prospect source name (this is required).

  6. Enter an optional prospect source description.

  7. Select one of the predefined prospect source categories (this is required).

  8. Select Save.            

2023-10-03 11_42_50-New Prospect Source.png

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