Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for October 17, 2023


CAEP Accreditation Templates

In this release, we are introducing two new self-study templates to enhance your experience with our Self Study feature. These templates have been designed to align with the CAEP 2022 standards and are tailored for both Initial Level and Advanced Level self-study reports. 

  • Both templates come with pre-defined sections and prompts that align with the CAEP 2022 standards, simplifying the self-assessment process.

  • The inclusion of these templates enhances the overall functionality of our Self Study feature, providing you with more tailored resources for self-assessment.


To have these templates enabled, click Submit a Request to contact our support team.


Lightcast Radius Expansion Enhancement


We are introducing a significant enhancement to our Planning and Self-Study Market Landscape Data Pack, which provides valuable insights into the labor market students can expect to enter after they graduate. Previously, Program Review Lightcast Dashboards allowed users to view data for selected occupations and CIP codes within a 50-mile radius around their institution. We have expanded the Lightcast radius from 50 miles to a maximum of 300 miles in increments of 50 miles.


With this enhancement, users will have the ability to select their preferred radius for data collection. The available radius options include:

  1. 50 miles

  2. 100 miles

  3. 150 miles

  4. 200 miles

  5. 250 miles

  6. 300 miles

Administrators can easily configure these radius settings from the admin page within the Lightcast data settings. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your data collection to best suit your organization's specific needs.




D2L- Ability to Search by Course Title and Code


In this release, we are introducing several enhancements to the D2L Brightspace integration that will streamline your course selection process and improve the overall performance. These enhancements are designed to provide a more user-friendly experience and ensure that you can quickly find and select the courses you need.


Users will select from one of two role options. If the user is an Administrator or Administrator - Limited within D2L, then they will select the Administrator role and search for the Courses to which they have access. If the user is an Instructor within D2L, they will select the Instructor option and can then select from the course(s) they have access to.


We have introduced the ability for users to search for courses by titles or codes and also by the role of the user inside D2L, significantly enhancing the search functionality. This improvement ensures faster results and a more efficient course discovery process.

Users can search by Course Title or Course Code and the search result options will be listed selection as radio select options. This change allows users to view all available alternatives and the one they have selected simultaneously, providing a clearer and more intuitive interface.





To streamline the course selection process, we have relocated the artifact field to the next flyout page. This adjustment helps users focus on selecting their desired courses without distractions.



In cases where no courses match the search inputs provided, our system now displays a helpful text message. This message will inform you that there are no available courses based on your search criteria.


User will have to enter at least 3 characters to search for Course Title or Code. If there is a course  code that is less than 3 characters, the user can still search by title.




We have added validations for the Search for Course fields and to select the results populated to help the users not miss any field and if so it can easily be found and the respective fields can be filled.



If the user adding results does not have access to the course selected, they will receive an error and be asked to select a different course.


If a user is an Instructor in D2L, but selects the Administrator Role, the user will see an error message as shown below.




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