Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for September 26, 2023


Updates to the SL&L Integration Filtering


We have enhanced the user experience of fetching assessment data in a measure in P&SS from SL&L. Currently, the values are being fetched all at once when the filters are being loaded, resulting in performance/page crash issues in the case of the institutions which have large datasets. We have enhanced this user experience in such a way that now all values in the filters will not be loaded at once when setting up filters.


Instead, users will have the ability to search and select the values from the available list of:

  • Courses
  • Sections
  • Activity Template
  • Activity

Users will be presented with the list of available filters upon setting up filters.



In order to select values for out of the filters namely Course, section, Activity Template, and Activity, users can simply click on any one of these and they will be presented with a full list of values for each of them.


The user experience of all the four filters namely Course, Sections, Activity Template, and Activity is identical.

Below is the snapshot of the view of the list of available courses when selecting values for the course filter.



Filter Results by Course

Users can search for a particular course by providing a course name. The search will be performed only if the user has provided at least 3 characters in their search criteria. If less than 3 characters are provided when performing the search then the system will notify the users with the below message.



If no results are returned as per the provided search criteria then the system will notify the user with the below message.



View Selected Courses

Users can also view only the selected courses. A list of all the selections will appear for the users to review. They can de-select any course from this list as well. A count of the total number of selected courses will appear on the screen.



Clear Search Results

Users will have the ability to clear the search results. They can clear the results in order to view the full list of available courses after they have performed a search. Upon clearing the search results, the previous selections will be retained.




Since all the filters are required, if the user has not selected any value for the filters, then the system will restrict them from applying or saving the filters. The following message will appear.


Naming Convention Update

Since the group templates and groups are now called courses and sections in SL&L, we have also updated the titles in P&SS in order to have the same naming convention in both applications.

Group Template is now updated to Course. Group is now updated to Section.

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