Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for August 16, 2023


Outcome Details- All Courses Report

In the Docs & Reports Area, we now have a monitoring report titled Outcome Details - All Courses. This report will provide an export of course outcomes for institutions that enter and/or conduct course-level outcomes assessment. Currently, administrators have the ability to export outcome details associated with degree programs and organizations by accessing the Outcome Details - All Organizations report.


The report will be available for all organizations that have courses aligned. The data export  will include progress within course assessment plans.



Ability to Save Outcomes in Outcomes Management

We have enhanced the user experience for creating, editing, and restoring outcomes. 

Plan administrators will now be able to save their changes as they go. We have removed the page-level save buttons. The changes will be saved as soon as they are made. Below are the actions that will be saved inline:

    1. Create/Edit Outcome Set.

    2. Create/Edit Outcome.

    3. Revise/Archive/Restore Outcome.



New SACSCOC - Compliance Certification Template

We have added the SACSCOC - Compliance Certification (updated Jan 2020) as a pre-built template option in the Self-Study module. If you wish to have SACSCOC - Compliance Certification (updated Jan 2020) available as an option in your instance of Planning & Self-Study, please contact our support team. Click here to Submit A Request


Ability to Export a Curriculum Map as a PDF


We have added the ability to export a curriculum map in PDF format. This feature provides users with the capability to effortlessly generate and share a curriculum map in a universally accessible format.


Once your curriculum map has been exported to PDF, it becomes accessible offline. This flexible feature empowers administrators and reviewers to access the PDF file, without the need for an internet connection. This feature is available from these two areas:

  1. Curriculum Map Details Card

  2. Curriculum Map

Note: The curriculum map will export as a 7x7 grid. This setting is not editable.


Leader Insights Release Notes

Release Notes for Leader Insights are now located on their own page of the Help Center:

Leader Insights Release Notes for August 16, 2023

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