Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for July 18, 2023


Ability to View Organizations that have been assigned to Reviewers 

We have enhanced our Plan Review feature to allow administrators to see which organizations have been assigned to a reviewer in a plan review. This allows the administrator  to better track and monitor reviews as they are in process.


Previously, the administrator could see the name of the reviewer and the number of organizations they were assigned.



Now, the organizations link can be clicked on. A dialogue box will open and display the names of the organizations that the reviewer has been assigned. 


The dialogue box provides a convenient way to view the full list of organizations for easy reference.


The administrator will also be able to search for an organization that has been assigned. For example, if a reviewer is assigned multiple organizations, the dialogue box makes it easy to search for a particular organization to see if it was assigned to the particular reviewer. 




Ability to Add Canvas Course Data on Behalf of Faculty

We are happy to announce a new enhancement to our Canvas results integration. With this enhancement, users that have been assigned as a Canvas Administrator can now add the canvas assignments results on behalf of faculty.


Before, a user had to be a faculty member or teacher in the course to bring in the rubric results data.


In Canvas, you would need to add a user as an account admin, which gives this user access to all of the courses within this account and all of its sub-accounts. If the institution has scopes enforced, the institution will need to update the endpoints on the developer key. After that, users who go in to add results will need to reauthorize their Canvas account.


Required endpoints to be selected in the developer key

Once you have added your user as an account admin, the next important step is to select the following two endpoints in your API key that is being used for P&SS - Canvas integration.

  1. url:GET|/api/v1/accounts

  2. url:GET|/api/v1/accounts/:account_id/courses

If the developer key has all scopes enabled, then there is no need to make any adjustments.


How to Add Results by Authorizing as an Account Admin from Planning and Self-Study

Once the users are added as account admin and the API key has been updated with the required endpoints in Canvas, let’s start adding the results from Canvas in the P&SS application. Follow the below-mentioned steps on how to add the results.

  1. Log in to the P&SS application.
  2. When Canvas has been selected as the source, make sure you have authorized the integration with the account admin user credentials.
  3. Click Next.
  4. You will be asked to select an account. This account drop-down will have the list of accounts for which the authorized user is added as an account admin in Canvas.


5. As soon as the user selects an account, a search field will appear



6. Users will be able to search for courses which belong to the selected account in Canvas & courses which belong to the sub-accounts of the selected account. In order to search for a course, the user is required to provide a minimum of 3 characters. 


Note: All users will now have to search courses when adding Canvas results, regardless of Canvas role.


7. Once the courses appear, the user can make a selection and click Next. 


8. The assignments that belong to the selected course (only ones that have rubrics aligned) will be available to select. When selecting an assignment, rubric information will be shown and the user can define the rubric settings. 



9. Click Next.


10. Specify the Met Threshold.


11. Click Align. The results will be added to the Measure.



Enhancement to Faculty Workflow

We have also enhanced the faculty’s user experience of adding results from Canvas to P&SS. Once the integration is authorized, the list of courses that are available in the faculty’s account in Canvas can be viewed.



If there are more than 10 available courses, then pagination will be available to the user in order to access all of the courses. The search feature can also be used. 


Note: A course must be selected in order to move to the next step.



After selecting a course, users will be able to view all of the assignments (ones with rubric alignment) from the selected course.



Minimum Permissions Needed for Canvas Admin

In Canvas, you can create an Admin role with certain permissions. Here are the required permissions for adding data on behalf of faculty:

  • Course Content - view
  • Courses - view list
  • Grades - view all grades

  • Reports - manage

  • Rubrics - add/edit/delete

  • Submission - Submit on behalf of student

Leader Insights Release Notes

Release Notes for Leader Insights are now located on their own page of the Help Center:

Release Notes - Leader Insights

Leader Insights Release Notes for July 18, 2023

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