Why are some Pipeline Automations not working?

Reported Issue:

Pipeline Automations are not working as expected on all opportunities.


The most common reason pipeline automations may not apply to an opportunity is that the pipeline stage automation(s) was added to the pipeline after some opportunities had already entered the pipeline stage.

  • By design, pipeline automations are run/associated with an opportunity upon entry into a pipeline stage. Therefore, if an opportunity has already entered into the pipeline stage before a pipeline stage automation(s) is added, by design the automation(s) will not run on the opportunity.
  • If Send Survey automations are not working, scroll further down or click here.
  • If Wait for Application automations are not working, scroll further down or click here.

If NONE of the pipeline stage automations were ever applied to the opportunity:

  • In order to apply the pipeline stage automation(s) to opportunities that entered the pipeline before any automations were added, you can manually move the opportunities out of the pipeline stage and then move them back in.
  • Since the opportunity was not associated with any of the pipeline stage automations in the past, the pipeline stage automations that are present at the time they are moved back into the pipeline stage will now appear on the opportunity detail "stage" hyperlink.

If SOME of the pipeline stage automations were already applied to the opportunity in the past:

If an opportunity in a pipeline stage is already associated with pipeline stage automation(s), and a new automation(s) is added to the stage they're in, if they are moved out of the stage and then back into the stage, new pipeline automations they are missing will NOT apply automatically to their opportunity record by design.

  • If needed, additional automations will have to be manually applied to the opportunity record.
  • If an opportunity has pending automations and they are moved out and moved back in to the stage, the pending automations will display as "cancelled" automations that can be retried from the opportunity detail stage hyperlink.

How can I tell if an opportunity was added before or after a pipeline stage automation(s) was added?

On the Opportunity Details page, look at the Stage field:

  • If the current stage has a hyperlink and an icon next to it, then the opportunity is associated with pipeline stage automations which means that they entered the stage AFTER a pipeline stage automation(s) was added.
      • Since automations run as soon as an opportunity enters a pipeline stage, if any additional automations are added after the opportunity has entered the stage, new automations will not run on existing opportunities by design. Any new automations would have to be manually applied to opportunities from the Pipeline list view or by adding a new pipeline stage to apply the new automations to those specific opportunities.
  • If the opportunity detail stage does NOT have a hyperlink and an icon, this indicates that they entered the pipeline stage BEFORE any pipeline stage automation(s) was added. Since no pipeline stage automations ran on the opportunity, moving the opportunity out of the stage then back into the stage will apply the stage automations.

Survey Automation is not working

If only Send Survey or Wait for Survey automations are not working, the reason is most likely that the opportunities do not have a primary edu email address on their Person record.

  • In the current product design, Send Survey and Wait for Survey automations can only be used on opportunities that have a primary (edu) email address.
  • A user's primary/organizational "edu" email address is usually imported from the SIS on the Person data feed.
  • Therefore, even if the Send Survey pipeline automation  is "Fulfilled", the survey did not actually send successfully to a prospect/applicant if they only has a personal/secondary email address associated with their SS&E person record.

If the Send Survey pipeline automation is Fulfilled and the Message Report shows that the survey was sent, and the student completed the survey in Survey Monkey, Wait for Survey will only be Fulfilled when the survey is marked as Completed within SS&E.

  • If the Completed status is not updating correctly in SS&E, the targeted student and pipeline opportunity Surveys tab will show that the survey is still Pending.
  • Pending surveys will not fulfill the "Wait for Survey" automation, since only Completed surveys will fullfill this step.
  • To check for Survey Monkey synchronization errors, go to External Logging and select source Survey Monkey.

Wait for Application is not working

If only Wait for Application automations are not working, the reason is most likely that the opportunity does not have a completed application status on their Person Application record.

  • By design, the Wait for Application pipeline automation will only be "Fulfilled" when the opportunity's application status is marked as "Completed".
  • The application status imports from the SIS on the Person Application date feed and displays on the user's "Applications" tab in the top right corner of each application record, as seen here.




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