Pipeline Reporting

Pipeline Yield Reporting Analytics

In order to understand a pipeline's effectiveness, the stage conversion rates and stage durations provide insight into the "yield" of each pipeline process. The following metrics are automatically populated for each pipeline:

  1. All Stage Conversion Widget
  2. Any Stage Conversion Widget
  3. Stage Duration Widget
  • Pipeline Widgets display metrics for each individual pipeline and are accessed from the Pipelines List - Pipeline Analytics tab.
  • Each pipeline widget can be filtered by an opportunity source to better understand the performance and success of each opportunity source type. For more information about Opportunity Sources, click here.
  • An opportunity is considered to have “touched" or "passed through” a stage if it has either moved through the stage in the past or is currently in it.

All Stage Conversion Widget

The All Stage Conversion widget shows the conversion rate between the ordered set of stages.


  • An opportunity "counts" towards a stage ONLY if they have touched that stage AND all of the stages that are ordered before it.
  • This is a typical “fall through funnel” chart that helps to understand the opportunity flow and drop out rate.
  • The All Stage Conversion widget only displays opportunities that passed through all the above stages. Opportunities will only qualify if they passed through all stages before the stage we’re looking at, including the pipeline stage that we're looking at.
  • To see the flow between any arbitrary set of stages, you can reorder the stages within the widget by drag and drop.
      • By reordering the stages using drag and drop, you can see where you are losing opportunities as they move through different pipeline stages.

Any Stage Conversion Widget

The "Any Stage Conversion" widget shows the conversion rate in each individual stage.


  • An opportunity "counts" towards a stage if they have touched that stage, regardless of which other stages they have touched, eg. passed through, and regardless of the stage order.
  • The Any Stage Conversion widget displays the total number of opportunities that moved through and touched each stage in the pipeline. Here, the stages cannot be reordered (& even if they could be re-ordered, the numbers displayed on each pipeline stage would not change).
  • This widget helps to understand the volume of opportunities converted within each stage, regardless of which stages they passed through to get there.

Stage Duration Widget

The "Stage Duration Widget" shows the average time opportunities spent within each stage.


  • The stage duration widget only includes data for opportunities that have left the stage.

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