Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for July 5, 2023


In this product release, we are introducing the ability to create a cover page and export it with your self-study. This feature will provide the ability to create visually appealing, well-organized reports and provide a professional touch to an exported self-study. 

Creating a Cover Page

Users will be able to create a new page within the Introductory Pages section. The option to create a Cover Page, or upload a PDF will appear after clicking Add New Page. 


Once the Introductory Page is created, the user will be redirected to the editor page where they can add images and make font changes to the cover page. 




Users will also have the option to edit the uploaded introductory page(s). They can rename, reorder or delete uploaded files. 


Deletion of Introductory Pages

Users can now remove cover pages that were previously created, providing more control over the appearance of the self-study. 


Exporting a Self-Study with a Cover Page

Users can now export their cover pages to PDF and Word formats, providing greater flexibility in sharing and printing documents.

It is now possible to export custom introductory pages with your self-study export under Export Settings.  

Note: A PDF file cannot be selected in a Word export as it is not technically possible to include a PDF inside a Word document.



HTML Website Creation

Users can now include the Introductory pages in a website and also export offline. 


Here is an example of a custom page in the website view:




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