Financial Aid Data is Missing


Financial Aid Award data is missing from student records.

  • When checking a student Finances tab, the expected financial aid data is missing.


If financial aid data is missing from a student record, the first thing to check is to verify that current financial aid award data is importing correctly from your SIS system.

  1. To check if the data is missing from the SS&E database, check the Person Financial Aid Award Imported Data View, from here.
    • Searching by a student's Person ID (person_src_system_id), check if/what financial aid award data has imported from the SIS in the past into SS&E for a specific student.
    • Searching by the financial aid Award Year (award_year) will show if any data has imported from the SIS system for a specific financial aid award year.
    • Searching by the financial aid award type and/or award category (within a specific year) will show the award types/categories that have imported into SS&E.
  2. If there are no records found in step 1, this means that the financial aid data has not yet imported from the SIS system into SS&E, which explains why the data is missing from the UI.
    • Check the SIS Data Import Definitions article from here to view how/where/what Person Financial Aid Award data imports from the SIS. 2023-04-10_10_47_28-_1__SIS_Import_Definitions__for_Views_and_CSV_Files____Watermark.png
  3. In most cases, the reason that financial aid award data is missing is because the new financial aid award year was not updated in the data extract definitions. To learn more about how to update the financial aid award year, click here.
  4. If the new/current financial aid award year has been updated correctly in the data extract definitions, for further instructions on how to troubleshoot missing SIS data, click here.
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