Updating Financial Aid Data Year Over Year


Within Student Success & Engagement, users are able to see general Financial Aid information so that student success staff can help refer students to the correct resources.

This helps ensure that Financial Aid related issues do not prohibit students from moving forward in their collegiate career. 

Due to the way Financial Aid information imports into SS&E and displays on the UI, schools must update key areas when the fiscal year changes to ensure that the financial aid information is displaying correctly for upcoming terms vs. previous years.


Financial Aid - Informer Report Updates

To update the financial aid data displaying on the UI, institutions that utilize Informer Reports and use the financial aid mapping into SS&E, will need adjustments with two reports: 

  • AVISO-LIVE-Person Financial Aid
  • AVISO-LIVE-Person Financial Aid Award

By default, these reports are set to include the data for the default year on the mapping suite.

Please be sure to update the default year to the new year on the financial aid mapping suite used by these two reports when appropriate for your institution.

Financial Aid - SQL Query/DB View Updates

Institutions that connect to their Colleague data via a database connection and utilize SQL/DB Views to extract data from the SIS will need a DBA to replace the oldest year with the new year when the source data changes.

  • For example, if the DB View references three years of financial aid data then replacing the oldest year with the new year will always allow a rolling three year period. 

Since Colleague creates a new table every year for the financial aid data, the financial aid data is stored in different tables and institutions will need to update the following two views (or similar named views) with the desired years when there is a new year of financial aid data:


In addition, many times there is also a hard coded year used in the result data that will have to change when there is a new financial data year. To fix this, a DBA can search for the hard coded year and update it to the correct year.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact your Client Success Manager for further assistance. 

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