Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for January 31, 2023

Self-study standard narratives are frequently used to references to other standards from within the self-study while the users are composing the self-study. In order to provide them with the ability to incorporate direct links to those other standards, we have now given them the ability to export the self-study as either a PDF or website so that others can easily find the relevant material once the self-study has been exported.


It is now possible to insert links during the composing of narratives by using the Froala editor, however only the external links can be inserted and its functionality cannot be changed. With new internal connecting functionality users can embed the links or attached the sections or standards into the narratives.


There is an icon button on the self study write narrative page that can be used to access this linking to standards option. Once you click on this icon, a side panel pops up with all of the sections and standards available for a given self study.


The above picture shows the icon along with the side panel with sections and standards in it.

To link the standards or sections into the narrative, the user must click on the linking button beside the standard, and then click on the link from the narrative to be sent to that page in the website or PDF. The connecting of standards is only possible for other sections or standards in this case; the linking option is not possible for the own standard. When selecting standards under one part, the user can also expand or collapse the standards under that section.



The above picture shows the linking button which is used to insert the link into the narrative, or the user can even select a text and embed the link into that text.

There is also the option to search for a specific section from the lot; there will be a large number of sections listed for that self-study, and this linking procedure has been simplified with this search functionality. If a search for a word is performed, all associated parts and standards will be displayed in the results.


The above image shows the search results for a word and all the sections and standards related to that search will be populated.


The option to link standards and sections to narrative is to benefit the user for export functionality, this is applicable for both PDF, Word and HTML website of the self study.


For PDF’s if the user is clicking a link for any section then that user would be redirected to that page of the PDF, this will make the references more accessible to the user


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