Watermark Student Success & Engagement UI Changes

Watermark Student Success & Engagement - August 2022 UI Changes

The following changes are scheduled to be released at the beginning of August, on Friday August 5th:
  1. Watermark Student Success & Engagement App Bar
  2. Institutional Web Logo
  3. Watermark Student Mobile App
  4. Watermark Student Success & Engagement Renaming (Application Title in Institution Administration, Browser Page Titles, Email Message Footer, Login Screen, Student Steps to Succeed, System Message Templates, Task Notifications)

Watermark Student Success & Engagement | Formerly Aviso Retention App Bar

  • A new Watermark Student Success & Engagement app bar will display with a white background above the application's primary navigation bar.
  • The logged-in user profile photo will be moved from the primary navigation bar to the new app bar.
  • The link to Support will move from the logged-in user profile photo dropdown menu to display as a question mark icon in the top right corner of the new app bar.
  • The logged-in user profile photo dropdown menu will only include User Settings.



Institutional Web Logo

    • With the addition of the Watermark App Bar above the primary navigation bar, institutions should upload a new institutional web logo in Institution Administration that is optimized for use on a white background.
    • The web app institutional logo image file size should be 127w x 46h. Acceptable image types are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, and .gif.
    • If uploaded, the web logo will display on the right side of the app bar, where the Aviso Retention logo is highlighted below.
    • The current logo on file will become the "Mobile Logo" and only display in the mobile app.
    • If an institution does not upload a web logo, instead of "Aviso Retention" the system will display an invisible link to the institution's URL. To "fix" this, we recommend uploading a "color" logo version to replace this.


Institution Administration - Mobile Logo and Web Logo Settings



Mobile Logo Example



Web Logo Example



Watermark Student Mobile App Renaming

  • The mobile app will be renamed from Aviso Student to Watermark Student.
  • The splash screen and the login button logo will be changed to Watermark themed logos.

Screen_Shot_2022-07-29_at_8.17.07_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2022-07-29_at_8.17.17_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-07-29_at_9.01.48_AM__1_.png   

  • If you click Cancel before logging in, the following message will display:



Watermark Student Success & Engagement Renaming

Application Title

  • Within Watermark Student Success & Engagement Institution Administration, the Application Title will be changed to Watermark Student Success & Engagement and read-only.


Browser Page Titles

  • Student View - Page Titles will be renamed to the Selected Tab - Watermark Student


  • Staff View - Page Titles will be renamed to the Selected Tab - Watermark Student Success & Engagement


Email Messages Footer

  • Email Message and Task Notification Message footer line "Delivered by Aviso Engage" displayed at the bottom of email messages will be replaced by "Delivered by Watermark Student Success & Engagement". 


Login Welcome Screen

  • For users that are not authenticating via institutional credentials (SSO), their login screen will change from "Welcome to Aviso" to "Welcome to Watermark Student Success & Engagement".


Student View - Home Page

  • On a Student's Home page, "Steps to Help You Become Successful" will display Watermark Student Success & Engagement instead of Aviso Engage in the Welcome message.
  • This can be only be viewed when logging in as a student to the Student View or by impersonating a user that is only assigned a student role.


System Message Templates

  • Message Templates that use the Application Title variable will use Watermark Student Success & Engagement. Examples include the Daily Digest.


  • Any user message templates will need to be updated manually eventually if they use "Aviso/Aviso Engage/Aviso Retention".

Task Notifications 

  • Task Notifications for staff and students that display messages similar to "Open this task in Aviso Engage" will be replaced by "Open this task in Watermark Student Success & Engagement".


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