How to assign/remove multiple instructors on a course section


Student Success & Engagement supports multiple course section instructors importing from the SIS, and each instructor is considered an 'instructor' of the course section within the software.

  • All instructors associated with a course section will be able to access the course section roster, view/take attendance tracking, etc.

There can only be one primary instructor (imported on the course section data feed), and any number of secondary instructors (imported on the course section schedule element data feed) that display on the course section record and can view the course roster based on the CSSE record's course section Id.

  • To view how secondary instructor(s) are assigned to a course section in SS&E, scroll to the Course Section Schedule Element (CSSE) data feed definitions from here.

Primary/Secondary Instructor Assignment

No matter how instructors are assigned, all instructors associated with a course section, either by importing on the Course Section/Course Section Schedule Element data feed or by getting assigned from the Course Section Administration UI, all instructors will be able to access all the course section meetings, attendance information and modify attendance on course section meetings (if using the SS&E Attendance Tracking feature).

SIS Data Import

SS&E imports course section instructors from the SIS on two separate data feeds:

  1. The "primary" instructor is imported on the course section data feed on the course section record. This instructor is the "default" instructor and is assumed to be instructing all course section meetings.
  2. Any additional secondary instructor(s) are imported on the course section schedule element (CSSE) data feed, and are associated to the above course section record Source System ID.
        • Importing course data on the Course Section Schedule Element data feed is optional.
        • Importing secondary instructors from the SIS is optional.
        • If importing data on CSSE and the instructor is null, then you will only see a primary instructor assigned to the course section within SS&E.
        • Course section schedule element records used to pass in additional instructors do not necessarily have to also include data that define a course section meeting schedule, yet they may.

Course Section Administration

Only Primary Instructors may be changed on the course section details page by selecting "Edit" from the course section record in Course Section Administration found here.



Instructor Removal

Primary Instructor

To change the primary instructor assigned to a Course Section, this can either import from the SIS on the Course Section data feed or be updated in Course Section Administration Edit.

Secondary Instructor

To remove an "invalid/wrong" secondary instructor that displays on the Course Section Schedule Element data feed view, and is incorrectly associated with the course section in Course Section Administration, the instructor ID must be removed from the Course Section Schedule Element data extract.

  • As soon as the Course Section Schedule Element source system ID shows that the incorrect instructor was removed (either by including a blank instructor ID "" or importing a different/correct secondary instructor ID), then the next time that the SIS Import process runs this will update the data feed view and remove the invalid secondary instructor from the Course Section record.
  • If the Course Section Schedule Element data extract includes the "correct" data (either the secondary instructor ID is blank or is a person ID that is different than what incorrectly displays in SS&E Administration), check for import errors preventing the correct data from importing into SS&E. If there are no import errors found, please open a support ticket referencing the Course Section Schedule Element (CSSE) source system ID and include the incorrect instructor value displayed in SS&E vs. the correct/blank instructor value found in the CSSE data extract.
      • To search for import errors, search all data feeds on the Import Errors page by the CSSE record source system ID and the associated Course Section source system ID.




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