Survey Monkey Response API Call Configuration

Survey Monkey API

Survey Monkey provides several API methods to retrieve survey data.

  • Settings established in the SurveyMonkey API documentation can be found here.

Survey Response Collector Id

To view survey responses, Survey Monkey uses "collectors-id-responses-bulk" explained here.

These Collector Ids can be found in the SS&E database in the Surveys table, or by utilizing the Survey Monkey Survey ID in another API call, following SurveyMonkey response documentation found here.

Note: Currently, the SS&E Survey Monkey integration does not support matrix questions. Therefore, if matrix questions/results are received by SS&E, the matrix does not display any answers, and instead displays only the survey options along with the header question.

API Token

The API token used for surveys is found on the Administration-Survey-Survey Configuration page found here

Survey Status

When a student receives and clicks on a survey, the status of each survey is received directly from Survey Monkey, therefore it is not set or managed by Student Success & Engagement.



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