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  • Student Dashboard - Submitting assignments in LiveText (Video)


  • Locating an assignment in LiveText

    In LiveText, an "assignment" is posted on the Dashboard and represents a task that your instructor has asked you to complete.  The assignment is posted for a specific course that you are enrolled in on LiveText.  Each assignment has a title and has its own colored button that will read either "Begin Assignment" (red), "Continue Assignment" (red), "View Assignment" (yell...

  • Submitting a Course Assignment

    Submission Status Indicators Begin Assignment This indicates that the assignment has not been started yet. To view the assignment information and submit files or documents, click the Begin Assignment button. The due date is displayed above the Begin Assignment button. Resubmit Assignment This indicates that the instructor has requested a resubmission be completed by the...

  • Viewing feedback from an instructor on the work you've submitted for an assignment

    To view feedback from an instructor on the work you've submitted for an assignment, follow these steps:   1. Click the "Dashboard" tab. 2. Under "Assignments", locate the course code for the course. 3. Locate the title of the assignment. 4. Click the green "View Assessment" button. 5. Under "Rubrics", click the "View Rubric Scores" button if it is present.  If thi...

  • Video Assessment for Students Guide (PDF)

    Please see the link to the guide below:Student Video Assessment User Guide