Administrator Training Resources

  • Self-Guided Training Series

    Welcome to Self-Guided Training!   With these resources, you can lead yourself through the implementation of AMS by Watermark.AMS - Series #1: Getting StartedAMS - Series #2: Workspace CreationAMS - Series #3: Organization Goals EditorAMS - Series #4: Workspace Data EntryAMS - Series #5: ReportingAMS - Series #6: Self-Study WorkspaceNOTE: If you need to use Watermark to...

  • Series #1: Getting Started

    Let's get started with viewing a 10 minute video tour of basic navigation in AMS, and a list of frequently asked questions found in this article: AMS FAQs and Basic Navigation

  • Series #2: Workspace Creation

    The next videos will walk through the process of creating a workspace, creating an assessment plan template, and an operational plan template.  AMS Workspace Creations Tutorials (video)  (video)    (video)

  • Series #3: Organization Goals Editor

    This video will walk through the Organizations Goals Editor and the different use cases for it.  (video) Outcome Set Creation (guide) Organization Goals Editor - Importing a Set (guide)

  • Series #4: Workspace Data Entry

    Whether you're new to AMS or would like to enhance your workspace data entry skills, the following video tutorial series is your go-to resource. Our step-by-step videos will guide you through the process, making navigating and workspace data entry a breeze. For captions, click CC. To expand the video, click the full screen icon at the bottom left. 1. Workspace Data ...

  • Series #5: Reporting

    Once data has been entered, you'll want to run reports in AMS. The next set of videos will provide an overview of each report in AMS.  Reports Overview (video)   At-a-Glance Assessment Cycle Summary (guide) (video)   Operational Plan Summary Report (video)   At-a-Glance Status Report(guide) (video)   At-a-Glance Goals and Outcome Alignment Reports(guide)   Managem...

  • Series #6: Administrative Processes

    As an AMS Administrator, you'll want to learn about the tools that are available under the System Administrator area. This article will explain how to create new user accounts, edit the hierarchy, and provide other users with coordinator permissions.  Editing Hierarchy through System Admin(guide)   User Accounts Creating User Accounts in AMS(guide) (video)   Roles & ...

  • Series #7: Advanced AMS Practices

    This article will show some other tools that can be used in AMS. You’ll learn how to create a form, launch a survey and set up a review process. Forms and Surveys Creating a Form (guide) Launching a Survey(guide) Creating and Using Review Methods (video) Assigning Review Methods and Reviewers (video) How to Create Reviewer Groups (video)  

  • Glossary of AMS Terminology

    Administrative Domain - AMS Coordinators are assigned "Administrative Domain" over those specific areas of their organization that they oversee, and are given access to specific Coordinator tools to customize content for and monitor these areas.  Alignment Reports - The Goals and Outcomes Alignment Report shows which organizational areas have aligned outcomes to a selec...