Series #4: Workspace Data Entry

Whether you're new to AMS or would like to enhance your workspace data entry skills, the following video tutorial series is your go-to resource. Our step-by-step videos will guide you through the process, making navigating and workspace data entry a breeze.
For captions, click CC. To expand the video, click the full screen icon at the bottom left.

1. Workspace Data Entry 1- Navigating the Workspace


2. Workspace Data Entry 2- Creating the Outcome Set

3a. Workspace Data Entry 3.1- Curriculum Mapping

3b. Workspace Data Entry 3.2- Curriculum Map Course Copying

3c. Workspace Data Entry 3.3- Advanced Curriculum Mapping

4. Workspace Data Entry 4- Completing the Assessment Plan

5. Workspace Data Entry 5- Completing the Assessment Findings

6. Workspace Data Entry 6- Operational Plan

Feel free to revisit these videos anytime you need a refresher, and explore the additional resources in our Help Center for further guidance.

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