Getting Started

  • Unified Navigation Dashboard Overview

    Welcome to the upgraded look and feel of the Curriculum Management system. While the functionality of your existing proposals and review process will remain the same, a few things will look different.   New Landing Page This is the biggest change to your curriculum management system. We hope you find this a helpful starting point for logging in to Curriculum Strategy an...

  • Curriculum Strategy Implementation Guide

      Curriculum Strategy Implementation Guide

  • Curriculum Strategy Product Workflow

  • Logging In

    Depending on the type of login you have implemented for your Catalog, Curriculum or Syllabus, the process to login will differ slightly. The URL used to navigate to the login page and the username are affected by the different types of logins. If you are using the Curriculum Strategy Catalog system or the Curriculum Management/Syllabus Management systems, then you are l...

  • Watermark Navigator

    Please see the link to the guide below:The Value of Implementing Watermark Navigator

  • Support Contact

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any or call 1.800.311.5656Helpful to supply when contacting support:  Screenshots of the issue you are experiencing including the address bar The specific item/s you are currently working with or experiencing difficulties with. This could include providing us with the path of the item/s. To pro...

  • Password Requirements

    When logging directly into the Curriculum Strategy system, the password assigned to you and any password going forward must be at least 8 characters and include one special character. If you are logging in via SSO - the password belongs to your institution credentials and follows those rules.

  • Forgot your Password for Sitecore Login

    Sometimes, we forget our passwords and we need to reset them without being able to login to the dashboard.  When this occurs, there is a Forget your password? button on the login page that can be accessed: Using the "Forgot Your Password" feature When logging in directly, if you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot your password?" button on the login page...

  • Logging Out

    "Log out" option appears in the upper right hand corner of the catalog system at all times. OR  Exit from the desktop/Close your browser