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Administrator: Manage Courses Batch Enroll

Although not enabled by default, Node Administrators who are given access to batch upload Instructors and/or Students for a course evaluation project, can follow the steps below to get started.

Step #1: Prepare User Upload File

The user upload file is Microsoft Excel formatted containing the below fields. One row per course and one row per course enrollment. Note: the top row of the file contains a header row with each column name as indicated below, use these exactly as specified below.

  1. UserTypeID: is the code for user type: Instructor Code = 3, Student Code = 4
  2. CourseUniqueID: is the unique identifier for the course and matches up with the Course File to associate users to a course (Max. 440 characters)
  3. FirstName: is the user's first name (Max. 128 characters)
  4. LastName: is the user's last name (Max. 128 characters)
  5. Email: is the user's email address (Max. 256 characters)
  6. Username: is the user's Course Evaluations & Surveys username. NOTE: for LMS/Portal customers, this is also the LMS/Portal Username (Max. 64 characters)

Step #2: Upload User File

  1. Within the Manage Courses area, select the project by clicking the View icon to the right.

  2. Click on Batch Enroll icon to upload your file.

  3. Browse and select your file. Click Upload.

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