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Administrator: Instructor Means Reporting

This feature allows CES Administrators and Administrators to view the aggregated mean score for a specific course and/or instructor for select questions. This reporting can be run within one project or across multiple projects.

Operational Steps

  1. Click on the Results tab.
  2. Select Instructor Means Reporting.
  3. Select the project(s) from the project drop down menu.  Projects will appear in the list based on the project end date, with more recent projects appearing at the top.
  4. Filter by Hierarchy Level, Instructor, or Course.
  5. Select Survey Questions.

    Note: These questions must share the same weighting scale.
  6. Group By:
    1. Course: Display data for each course section within the project(s).
    2. Instructor: Display data for each instructor within the project(s). Will aggregate course data for instructors who taught more than one course section.
    3. Instructor / Project: Display data for each instructor within the project(s) while separating results by project. Will aggregate course data for instructors who taught more than one course section within each project.
    4. Hierarchy Level: Display aggregated data for the account hierarchy level.
  7. Choose to Aggregate Questions or Show Questions Individually
    (Creates an Excel file - See sample below).
  8. Create threshold where Respondents/Average is greater than, equal to or less than a specified number (I.e. Respondents Greater Than or Equal to 5).
    1. Add a Benchmark from a level in your hierarchy.

      Note: Only available when one (1) project is selected.
  9. Results will display below the search criteria - unless Show Questions Individually is selected, which generates an Excel file.
  10. You can export this report to an Excel or PDF report.

Excel spreadsheet sample with Show Questions Individually option selected:

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