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FTP Data Integration File Sample - Direct Into Projects

The Course Evaluations & Surveys FTP data import direct into projects feature allows you to FTP files of course information and student, instructor, and teaching assistant enrollments directly into your already created Course Evaluations & Surveys projects.


When uploading an Excel or text file (.xlsx or .txt), columns or rows with a text value longer then 255 characters must go to the top of the file and within the first 15 rows, however, the long text string does not need to be in all 15 rows. The first 15 rows of the file defines the column type and size, which is a known feature in Excel.
  1. Required file format is Comma Delimited, with CSV file extension (.csv).
  2. Name file CourseUsers-mmddyyyyhhmm.csv.
  3. File contains a header row and each additional row represents an enrollment into a course. *Please do not edit the column header information.

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