Placing Institution Logo in Unified Navigation App Bar

Unified Navigation is a unified dashboard for you to access multiple Curriculum Strategy products from a single login access. 

Unified Navigation Dashboard

If your institution has Unified Navigation implemented then you will be able to use an uploaded logo to place on the app bar to provide further identity to the new dashboard.

Follow the steps below to place your logo in the app bar of the Unified Navigation dashboard if desired after uploading your logo to the Media Library.

Please note: For best results, your logo should have a height of 40px

Steps to place Institution Logo:

  • Select the Home item of the Institution
  • A new section has been added to this template, called Institution Settings
  • The image can be set from the Institution Image field
  • From the drop down option in the Institution Image field, select the uploaded image from the Media Library
  • If the logo has not been uploaded to the Media Library yet, see the next three steps

(you can see more details about uploading an image from the Help Guide
  • Open the Media Library and locate the Institution
  • Right click the Institution folder
  • Select Insert
  • Select Upload File
  • From the wizard, select Choose File and upload the institutions logo
  • Select the Upload button
  • The logo image will be listed within the institutions media library folder
  • Publish the image (select Publish from the top ribbon, select the Publish dropdown, select Publish Item)
  • Within the Institution Image Link field, users can put in a URL and the logo in the App bar will link to this URL
  • This field can be left blank if they do not wish to set up the link
  • Publish the Home item
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