LTI 1.3 Integration - Administrator Setup

*This guide contains general instructions for configuring a LTI 1.3 integration with  your LMS. If you are using Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, or Moodle, please click on the appropriate link for more detailed instructions.

1. From the administrator account for your Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L) organization, click on Settings, click Configuration Settings, and then click LMS Integrations:
Screenshot 2024-03-05 151829.jpg

2. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) to the right of LMS 1 or LMS 2
3. From the LMS dropdown, select the LMS your institution is using. If your LMS is not listed, select Other
4. In the LMS URL box, enter the URL for your institution's LMS environment. Ex:,, etc.
5. In a different tab or window, log into your LMS administrator account
6. Navigate to the page where External Tools can be created
7. Create a new External Tool
8. Enter a Name for the tool
9. Launch URL:
10. Copy the following URLs from your SL&L admin account and paste them into the appropriate fields in the LMS

  • Initiate login URL
  • Redirection URL
  • Public keyset URL

11. Fill out any other required fields
12. Copy the following information from your LMS and paste it into the appropriate fields in SL&L (you may need to first save the external tool in your LMS before you can access this information):

  • Deployment ID
  • Public keyset URL
  • Access Token URL
  • Authentication request URL
  • Client ID
  • Issuer

13. Click SAVE in SL&L

*Depending on the LMS you are using, there may be additional steps required before faculty can use the external tool in their courses. 

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