Canvas LTI 1.3 Integration - Administrator Setup

On June 22nd, the URL for Student Learning & Licensure changed from to This guide has been updated to reflect that change. 

1. From the administrator account for your Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L) organization, click on Settings and then LMS Integrations:

2. Click Set Up to the right of LMS 1 or LMS 2
3. From the LMS dropdown, select Canvas
4. In the LMS URL box, enter the URL for your institution's Canvas environment. Ex:,, etc.


5. Enter the following URLs into the corresponding fields:
  • Public keyset URL: https://Enter Your LMS URL Here/api/lti/security/jwks
  • Access token URL: https://Enter Your LMS URL Here/login/oauth2/token
  • Authentication request URL: https://Enter Your LMS URL Here/api/lti/authorize_redirect
6. In a new tab or window, log into your Canvas administrator account and go to the Site Admin page

7. Go to the Developer Keys menu
8. Click + Developer Key, then click + LTI Key

9. Choose Manual Entry as the Method, then enter the following information to configure the tool:
  • Enter a Key Name
  • Enter a Title
  • Enter a Description
  • Enter the Target Link URI:
  • Copy the Initiate login URL from SL&L and paste it into the OpenID Connect
    Initiation Url 
    in Canvas
  • Copy the Redirection URL and paste it into the Redirect URIs field in Canvas
  • In Canvas, select the Public JWK URL for the JWK Method.
  • Copy the Public keyset URL from SL&L and paste it into the Public JWK URL field in Canvas
image (6).png

10. Expand the LTI Advantage Services section and enable the following features:
  • Can create and view assignment data in the gradebook associated with the tool.
  • Can view assignment data in the gradebook associated with the tool.
  • Can view submission data for assignments associated with the tool.
  • Can create and update submission results for assignments associated with the
  • Can retrieve user data associated with the context the tool is installed in.

11. Expand the Additional Settings section, enter the following queries in the Custom Fields box:
  • user_id=$
  • user_login_id=$Canvas.user.loginId
12. Under Privacy Level, select Public

13. In the Placements section, deselect the default options (Account Navigation, Link Selection) and select Assignment Selection

14. Click Save to register the LTI 1.3 tool
15. Toggle the newly created LTI 1.3 Developer Key to On
16. Copy the Client ID under the Details column for the newly created LTI 1.3 Developer Key, and paste it into the Client ID field in SL&L

17. In Canvas, navigate to Admin  Site Admin  Settings  Apps

18. Click View App Configurations
19. Click + App

20. Select By Client ID for the Configuration Type
21. Paste the Client ID from step 16 and click Submit

22. Click Install. The newly added app will now appear in the list of Apps
23. Click the gear icon to the right of your app, and click Deployment ID

24. Copy the Deployment ID and paste it into the Deployment ID field in SL&L
25. Enter the following URL in the Issuer field in SL&L:
*If you are configuring this integration in the Canvas testing environment, enter:
*Please make sure there are no trailing spaces or other characters (such as a "/") at the end of the URL

25. Click ACTIVATE in SL&L
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