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In Progress Tab

After logging in to Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L), the mentor’s landing page will display, and the In Progress tab will be shown.  The In Progress tab will list all of the mentor’s active internships.  For each individual internship, submitted activities that are ready for assessment will be listed with the internship information. 

TIP:  If, within an individual internship, there is more than one activity ready for assessment, click the Expand button to see all activities.

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Internship Details Page

Clicking on an individual internship will display the internship details page.  The internship details screen allows a mentor to view an internship’s membership and activities.  The internship details screen has three tabs: Activity, Homepage, Student Logs, and Placement Details.

The Activity Tab

When the internship details page is displayed, the Activity tab is selected by default.  The Activity tab displays all activities in an internship, as well as the details and assessment status of each activity.

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Activities are a fundamental component of an internship.  Activities can also be thought of as assignments, and are tasks that are completed by members of the internship, often followed by assessment of the member’s work.  Activities contain a template, which specifically defines the requirements of the activity, and includes any rubrics used for assessment.

The Activity Details Page

When on the internship details page, clicking on an activity will the display the activity details page.  The activity details page shows the details of the activity, including the activity’s overall assessment status.  This page also displays a list of all students of the internship, as well as each student’s individual submission and assessment status. 

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The Assessment Page

Assessment of member submissions takes place on the assessment page.  The assessment page displays the member submitted template.  This page also allows an assessor to score any rubrics included in the template, provide general feedback to the member, and type comments directly into the submitted template.
The assessment page is divided into two halves.  The left side shows the template submitted by a member.  The right side displays the Assessment Panel.

The Assessment Panel

The assessment panel occupies the right side of the assessment page.  The assessment panel contains several components useful in assessing a submission, including any rubrics to be completed, or a Feedback text box for responding to a submitter.

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To assess a member submission:

     1. On the activity details page, click on the member to be assessed.
     2. The assessment page will display, showing the submitted template.

NOTE:  If the member is still in the Awaiting Submission column, the assessment page will appear, but no assessment will be possible.

     3. To score a rubric, click on the desired description box for each element.

TIP:  Hover over a description box to see the performance level, element name, and description.

TIP:  The rubric can be expanded into a new tab.  The expanded rubric shows all level and element names, as well as descriptions.  To expand a rubric, click View Rubric Details.

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The Submitted Template Area

The left side of the assessment page shows the template submitted by the member.  Assessors can view member responses, download submitted attachments, and play included videos.  Assessors are also able to comment on any individual part of the submitted template.  When comments are added, they are displayed in the Comments List in the Assessment Panel.

To add a comment to a submitted template:

     1. On the assessment page, double click or highlight any word or area in a submitted template.
     2. Click the comment icon that appears.
     3. Type a comment into the Comment text box.
     4. When finished, click the checkmark icon.


Assessment Submission

After completing an assessment, click the Save button to save all work, and return to the activity details page.  Click the Submit button to finish the assessment process.

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Student Log

The Student Log allows an intern to record any tasks or events relevant to their internship.  Mentors can view this time log, and approve or reject the intern’s entries (Note: entries can also be approved by the student's supervisor or instructor).

An internship’s time logs are viewed by clicking the Student Log tab on the internship details page. Alternatively, on the In Progress tab, an individual internship’s View Student Logs button will also open the Student Log tab.

NOTE:  The Student Log feature is optional when administrators create internships.  If there is no Student Log button or tab, the Student Log feature has not been enabled for the internship.

To view, approve, and reject time log entries:

     1. On the In Progress tab, click an internship title.
     2. Click the Student Log tab to view any interns who have recorded log entries.
     3. To view an intern’s time log entries, click anywhere on the intern’s row.
     4. On the intern’s log entries list, click either the check mark to approve, or the X mark to reject.

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