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About LiveText and edTPA
LiveText is an edTPA Integrated Platform Provider which allows students to send their edTPA portfolio work directly to edTPA for scoring via the familiar LiveText interface. LiveText also allows programs to conduct “local evaluations,” or internal assessments before students submit to edTPA. Additionally, LiveText can generate reports on local evaluations, as well as candidate scores from edTPA.

Who should use this guide?
This guide is intended for administrators who will be managing the creation of LiveText-based edTPA assignments and resources, as well as for edTPA Coordinators who will monitor the student workflow and submission process.

edTPA Basics
What is edTPA?
edTPA is a teacher candidate assessment platform. It is intended to determine teacher candidate readiness, using a consistent set of requirements and rubrics. edTPA is not a certification program, but several states require candidates to achieve certain scores on an edTPA assessment in order to receive licensure.

Who is edTPA?
edTPA was developed by the Stanford University Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity, often referred to simply as SCALE. SCALE is the sole author and owner. SCALE has developed both the requirements for submission, as well as the rubrics used to assess submissions.

Scorers and Pearson
Pearson is the digital platform edTPA has selected to manage the candidates’ web-based submission process. They are a separate entity from edTPA. While Pearson handles the submissions, edTPA trains the individuals actually assessing the candidate submissions.

edTPA Membership Levels
When institutions make the decision to join edTPA, they must choose between three membership levels. Institutions can change their membership level at any time.

Introductory Level
The Introductory level allows institutions to access edTPA professional development materials. It is a first step in beginning to think about utilizing epTPA.

Exploratory Level
The Exploratory level allows institutions or programs access to the official edTPA resources. These include the candidate submission handbooks and templates, as well as the three point rubrics available for local evaluation. Institutions at the exploratory level that also use LiveText will be granted access to the LiveText versions of these resources, including 3 point rubrics scorable in a LiveText assessment.

Implementation Level
The Implementation level allows candidates to formally submit a portfolio to edTPA for evaluation and scoring. Institutions at the Implementation level that also use LiveText will be made “edTPA enabled,” allowing students to submit to edTPA through a LiveText assignment.

*Note: LiveText validates an institution’s membership level monthly. If your institution has an Implementation level membership, but cannot create an edTPA enabled assignment, please reach out to us at implementation@livetext.com
edTPA Resources and Submission Materials
edTPA provides a set of resources that defines the requirements for candidates to submit to edTPA for scoring. The resources consist of a handbook, required templates, as well as three point rubrics that may be used for local evaluation. Each content area has a unique set of resources.

The edTPA resources are available to institutions or programs at the Exploratory or Implementation levels of membership. Resources are available to the edTPA Coordinator only. Candidates do not have direct access to the resources, so it is the responsibility of the Coordinator to distribute the resources appropriately. Institutions using LiveText may request LiveText versions of the resources be shared with the edTPA Coordinator’s LiveText account. edTPA Coordinators may then use LiveText to distribute these resources to candidates via LiveText assignments. (See Creating edTPA Assignments sections)

Handbooks provide all the requirements and directions needed for candidates to submit to edTPA for scoring. The handbooks include an Evidence Chart, which specifies the type, size, and quantity of files required. The handbook also includes the five point rubrics that will be used in the official scoring of candidates’ submissions.

Templates are Microsoft Word documents that contain specific questions. Candidates download the template and fill in answers, then submit the Word document as part of their submission portfolio.

Three point rubrics
The three point rubrics are designed by edTPA for use in local evaluation. Although not identical, they are representative of the five point rubrics used when edTPA scores a submission. LiveText provides these rubrics in the form of a LiveText assessment document, which can be scored in a LiveText assignment, just as any other LiveText rubric.

Using LiveText for edTPA preparation
Local Evaluations
The Exploratory level allows institutions to access the official edTPA submission resources. LiveText can share these resources with edTPA Coordinators in the form of LiveText documents. This provision allows edTPA Coordinators to distribute the resources to candidates via LiveText assignments.


Additionally, the three point rubrics are shared as LiveText rubrics. This allows programs to internally evaluate candidates simply by creating a LiveText assignment, including the edTPA resources, attaching the edTPA rubrics, and assessing candidate submissions as any other LiveText assignment.

Creating a LiveText assignment for edTPA local evaluation
Creating a LiveText assignment for Local Evaluation is just like creating any other assignment in LiveText, with one exception: attach the edTPA Handbook/Template document to the Resources section of the assignment creation page.
*Note: Create a separate assignment for each content area to be evaluated, and attach the corresponding handbook/templates document.



Once the assignment is created, candidates will see the assignment on their dashboards. They can then submit their edTPA portfolio to the assignment, and the instructor of the course will be able to assess the candidates’ portfolio using the edTPA three point rubrics.
Using LiveText for edTPA submission
Final Submissions
LiveText is an “Integrated Platform Provider” for edTPA. As such, candidates at institutions at the Implementation level of membership with edTPA can use LiveText to submit their portfolio directly to edTPA for scoring simply by using a LiveText assignment.

Creating a LiveText assignment for edTPA final submission
Creating a LiveText assignment for final submission is much like creating any other assignment in LiveText. However, there are a few additional steps that are required to enable the assignment for edTPA submission. When creating a LiveText assignment that candidates will use to submit to edTPA for scoring, create an assignment, as usual, and complete these additional steps:

*IMPORTANT: Create a separate assignment for each content area to which candidates will submit. This is required for successful submission.

Resources & Settings Section
1. Click the “Show More” button to expand the Resources & Settings section.
2. Click the Resources “Attach” button to attach the handbook/templates document to the assignment



Assessment Section
1. Click the “Show More” button to expand the Assessment section.

2. *IMPORTANT: Click the checkbox labeled “edTPA” to enable edTPA submission for the assignment.
3. *IMPORTANT: Choose a Content Area from the drop down menu.
4. *IMPORTANT: Click the checkbox labeled “Students Can Retract Submission”. This will allow candidates to resubmit edTPA in the case of accidents or errors in their portfolio


*IMPORTANT: Do NOT include a due date for the assignment. Doing so will prevent the candidate from resubmitting to edTPA after the due date

edTPA Reporting
Local Evaluations
Just as with any assessment in LiveText, data gathered while conducting local evaluations of edTPA candidates may be reported on using the C1 Assessment Report, or LiveText's Analytics tool

Scoring from edTPA
After edTPA finishes the scoring for a candidate, the results are sent to the candidate, the edTPA Coordinator, and if necessary, the state education department. EdTPA Coordinators can input these scores into a candidate's LiveText student profile, and then use LiveText Analytics to aggregate data and generate reports.
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