Locate Subscribers in the Member Locator


To locate all AMS users at your organization:

Click Locator on the top menu bar


Next choose Subscribers (email, registration status, etc) from the pull-down menu of preset report options on the upper-right and click the View Report.

This report includes the organizational area(s) that each user is affiliated, the individual’s email address and the status of the account for each affiliation. 

You can locate Active or Inactive users by selecting those options in the preset report dropdown menu and clicking View Report. The reports will show the names of the active or inactive individual users who are affiliated with that area. Also included are the start and end dates of each user’s account within AMS.

 *If an individual is associated with multiple areas of the organization, that person’s name will appear in each of these areas on the page.*

Note: You can export this report to excel by clicking Export to Excel on the top right corner.

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