Portfolios self-guided tour

Portfolios self-guided tour

1. If you are unfamiliar with the Portfolios  tab in Tk20, you can begin by viewing this overview (Portfolios Overview) to get you introduced.

2. Once you are familiar with Portfolios, this list of steps is a required portion of foundational data needed to use the Portfolios portion:

    1. Assure that the students have paid Tk20 accounts; run Administration 024 for the program(s) to see if accounts are paid.
    2. Create user groups if needed (Quick Guide) or update existing user groups.
    3. If there is a new rubric built, begin by reviewing it in Administration Form Builder (Form Builder Overview | Form Builder Hands On Training | Quick Guide).

             a. TIP: Forms need to be both active AND public in order to be used.

3.  You are now ready to build your templates.

   1. Begin by building your Assessment Portfolio Templates (Video | Tk20 - Quick Guide).

4. You are now ready to send Portfolios! (Quick Guide)

    1. If you need to open a portfolio for editing after submission, you can modify the due date to release the portfolio

5. Now that your Portfolios are sent out, you can begin to review the reports that are available to use in the Portfolios section.

     1. Portfolios 047: Comprehensive Report on Assessment Portfolios
     2. Portfolios 051: Comprehensive Report on Portfolio Assessments
     3. Portfolios 055: Report on Portfolio Recipients

If you’d like to see the different user experiences, you can see a few below:

1. Student: video guides

   - Student Submitting an edTPA Portfolio
   - Student Submitting a Portfolio
   - Students - Recall a Submitted Portfolio

2. Student can even use already created artifacts in Tk20 to put into portfolios (See Making a Copy of an Existing Artifact)
3. Faculty: Assessing a Portfolio (Video | Guide)

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