Review a LiveText Document

Submit a Document for Review

  1. From within the document, click the Send for Review button located above the page title on the left side.
  2. Enter the LiveText username, group, Visitor Pass, or the first and last name in the Search for Reviewers text box.
  3. Based on the first few letters of text entered, LiveText's Autocomplete Share Mechanism predicts the name or username of the LiveText member with whom the user wants to share. The system will display the first 15 matches below the search text box. If the user is not listed, the system was not able to identify the user. There were either no matches or several matches. Revise the entry, and try again.
  4. Click the Submit this document for review button
  5. The system will display a confirmation message.


By default, LiveText will search only users within your domain. A domain is often, but not always, synonymous with a school. To search for LiveText users in other domains, select the radio button next to All Users located above the search area.

Once the document has been submitted for review to another LiveText user, the user can access the document from his/her Reviews Inbox.


Resubmit a Document for Review or Assessment

If you have made revisions to your document after submitting it for review, you may resubmit a new version of the document. A resubmission is no different from a submission. Follow the steps in the Submit a Document for Review documentation.

Delete a Document Submission

If a document submission has not been reviewed, users may delete a document submission after it has been submitted for review.

  1. Click the Reviews tab located in the top center of the account.
  2. Click the Sent tab located at the top of the Reviews area.
  3. Select the checkbox to the left of the document submission.
  4. Click the Delete button.

Assess a Document

An assessment is a rubric-based evaluation of a LiveText document. The assessment process begins by selecting a document submission to assess. After a document is selected, an assessment instrument is selected. The assessment instrument will provide scoring options, and comments may be added to support the scoring for each element of the rubric(s).

Assessments occur during the review process. Additional documentation for reviewing a document submission and adding comments can be found in the documentation, Review a Document.

Select a Document to Assess

  1. Click the Reviews tab located in the top center of the screen.
  2. Click a tab or Label (e.g. Inbox) within the Reviews area to select which reviews are displayed.
  3. Click the title of the document to be assessed.

Select an Assessment

  4. Click the Assess Document button located above the page title on the left side.
  5. Select the Label (e.g. Inbox) that contains the assessment from the dropdown menu in the Assessment Chooser. Typically, shared assessments will be located in the Inbox Label and assessments created in the account will be located in the My Work Label.
  6. Select the radio button located to the left of each assessment instrument.
  7. Click the Select Document button.

Assess the Document

  8. Select your rubric if there are multiple rubrics.
  9. Select the level Attained from the dropdown menu located to the right of each rubric element.
10. Click the add comment link for each element to add comments.
  • Enter a comment into the text box.
  • Click the save link located to the right of the text box.
 11. Add overall comments in the Other comments textbox.
 12. If applicable, select a Milestone from the Milestone dropdown menu.
 13. Select Practice or Official in the Reporting Type dropdown menu.
 14. Click the Save Assessment or Save & Submit Assessment button.


Typically, Practice is selected when a draft is being assessed and Official is selected when a final draft is being assessed.

Click the Save Assessment button if the assessment requires additional changes. Click the Save & Submit Assessment button if the assessment is completed. The assessment is visible to the document's author after the Save & Submit Assessment button has been clicked.


Undock Assessment from the Document View

When users begin a document assessment, they have the option of undocking the rubric they are using to assess. Click on the undock button located on the top right corner of the floater. The rubric will populate in a separate browser window, giving assessors the opportunity to view the document and rubric scoring side by side.


Review a Document

The review process begins by selecting a document submission to review. After a document is selected, comments may be added. Comments can be added at the document, page, or section level of a LiveText document. When the review is completed, the submission may either be submitted or assessed.

Select a Document to Review

  1. Click the Reviews tab located in the top center of the screen.
  2. Click a tab or Label (e.g. Inbox) within the Reviews area to select which reviews are displayed.
  3. Click the title of the document to be reviewed.

The version of the reviewee's document is frozen at the date and time that of each submission. The version, date, and time are indicated on each version of the review.

Add Document, Page, or Section Level Comments (Optional)

  1. While reviewing the document, click the Add Comment links located on the left side to add review comments at the document, page, or section level.
  2. Enter a comment in the text box.
  3. Click the Save icon located in the top left of the comment window.
  4. The comments will be displayed with a comment icon to the left.

Add Text Level Comments (Optional)

  1. Click the word or text where a comment should be provided.
  2. Enter a comment in the text box.
  3. Click outside of the comment box, and the comment will be saved.

Submit the Review

When finished reviewing and/or adding comments, click the Submit Reviews button in the top right corner to complete the review process. By clicking the Submit Reviews button, the review is submitted to the reviewee.

After submission, the Reviews area will open. Repeat the steps to review additional document submissions.
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