Adding Images to the Text & Image Section (DRF Programs, Web Folios)

For help creating your Folio or Web Page, please see: Creating and Editing Folios & Web Pages

To add an image to your Web Folio, first, click Folios & Web Pages from the top menu bar. Next, click the name of the Web Folio to which you would like to add the image.

Next, click the title of the appropriate page in the left frame. When the right frame opens, click the Text & Image button in the Add Tool Bar on the bottom of the screen.

To upload an image that is saved on your computer, click Add an Image to your text section on the upper left side of the screen. Browse to locate the image file on your computer. You can also type an image name in the Title box.

If you would like to add a picture that is already published to the web, copy the image URL from the published website, and then click the Image icon located on the second row of the HTML formatting tool bar of the text box in the Text & Image Section. After clicking the Image icon, a window will pop up. Paste the image's web address in the URL box. You can also alter the size and choose the alignment of the image, then click OK.

When you are finished adding images, click Save and Return.

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