Registration Report

As a TS coordinator, you can view who has a registered Taskstream account with your organization by accessing the Registration Report. To view this report from TS Coordinator, click the Registration Reports link under the Subscriber Accounts area located on the far right side of the screen.
In a Registration Report, there are multiple ways you can search for registered users. You can search for one individual by typing their name in the Search By box and clicking Search. You can also search for a group of users either by Categories/Local Areas, by Taskstream Program, or by Demographics from the Member Locator in the left frame. Click your selection and then check off the appropriate group or groups and click on search.

The report will show in the right frame. You can choose to view additional information such as the users' Taskstream IDs and Inactive Subscribers. The report can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel.

You can also view pre-set reports by choosing a report from the upper right hand side of your screen and clicking View Report.
Accessing Registration Reports

TS Coordinators can use the Subscriber Accounts area of the TS Coordinator menu to view real-time login, site activity,
and registration reports in your administrative area.

Registration Reports allow you to see a list of the accounts registered within your organization as well as additional

information such as account status, email address, ID number and demographics.
To access the Registration Reports, click TS Coordinator.
In the Subscriber Accounts area of the TS Coordinator menu, click on Registration Reports.
Navigating Registration Reports

Locating a Specific Account

Use the Search box to locate specific individuals within your organizational structure. You can search by First/LastName, UserName, Email or ID Number.
Using the Member Locator

The Member Locator provides several different ways to browse through your organization’s subscriber lists.
You can click Select Categories/Local Areas to browse the expanded registration folder structure. You can click the folders to expand a specific section. To view the subscribers within specific folders, select the folders and click the Search button. The subscribers located within the selected folders will appear in the right frame.
Search by DRF Program Enrollment

You can also choose to browse through the program enrollment by clicking Select Taskstream Programs.
Search Using Demographic Information

If you are a Site Coordinator and your organization is collecting demographic information from subscribers, you will be able to search using demographic information. To do this, click Filter by Demographics and then select the demographic responses by which you would like to filter the results.
View All Search Options

To expand all of the search options, click the Expand button. To collapse all the folders, click the Collapse button.
Preset Registration Reports

You can also generate various reports on all the members in your organizational area. Select a report from the View Preset Reports pull-down menu and then click the View Reports button to generate that report.
Preset reports available
• Subscribers (email, registration status, ID)
• Subscribers (only email addresses)
• Subscribers/Usernames (by category/local area)
• Active Subscribers (with ID)
• Active Subscribers (by category/local area with ID)
• Inactive Subscribers
• Inactive Subscribers (by category/local area)
• Program Report – All Reviewers
• Program Report – All Reviewers (by category/local area)
• Program Report – All Evaluators
• Program Report – All Evaluators (by category/local area)
• Program Report – All Authors
• Program Report – All Authors (by category/local area)
• Site and Group Coordinators
• Forced Active Report
• Forced Inactive Report
Print or Export to Excel

Any of the above registration reports can be printed or exported to Excel by clicking the appropriate link at the top of the
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