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Once your campus becomes familiar with Faculty Success and its reports, you will likely determine brand new reports you would like built specifically for your campus. You should submit each new report as a separate Report Setup work request. The best way to tell us exactly what you need for a new report is to provide a sample report mock-up in Microsoft Word or Excel for all reports that do not currently exist but that you want included in Faculty Success.

Creating a Report Mock-Up

You will need to create a mock-up report in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Rich Text Format for all reports that do not currently exist but that you want included in Faculty Success. This provides Faculty Success with a reference for the logic and layout you need in your report. Modifying an existing report template that is already available in Faculty Success to create your mock-up will simplify this process.

Note: You can also use mock-up reports to indicate changes you would like made to existing reports. In these cases, use the report's template, marking the changes you would like made using Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

Report Templates

You can view the structure of each existing report in Faculty Success using its report template. This is accessible on the Run Reports page. Simply choose the report you wish to examine, and then select Download this report's template. If prompted, open or save the file. We use the field label from the screen to denote data fields in the report template. In some cases, we enclose data elements in square brackets for easy reading when multiple fields appear close together. You can review the corresponding screen for a given section of the report, and any criteria for record selection in the grey description boxes.

The Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research report template.

Requesting New Reports

Submit a separate Report Setup work request to Faculty Success for each report you need built. The following additional information should accompany each Report Setup request:

  • Who will run this report?

    This is typically one or more security roles for one or more units – for example, the College Limited Administrator security role for the College of Education, or Faculty security role for the entire campus. In Faculty Success, we assign reports to security roles rather than specific users. Note: If your current set of available security roles does not contain one that meets the needs you have for a report, explain those needs as part of the Report Setup work request and Faculty Success will make a recommendations on how to meet them. To see current security role assignments for each report, use the Download Custom Report Security Details Report, which is available under the View Security Roles menu from Users and Security.

  • What should we name the report?

    Indicate the name by which you would like the report to appear on your Run Reports drop-down list. For example, should we label your annual report Faculty Activity Report, Annual Activity Report, or Faculty Annual Activity Report? Capitalization and punctuation are important.

  • For what timeframe will you typically run the report?

    For many reports, the timeframe for which you will run the report will influence the way that we setup the report to select records. For example, if you typically run your Annual Reports from July 1 - June 30, we will likely need to setup the report to pull in only one set of summer term courses. Knowing up-front what your date range will be ensures that we can ask the right questions when putting the report in place.

  • For what group of users will you typically run the report?

    Knowing whether you will typically run a report on a single individual, a specific unit, or the entire campus will ensure that we are scaling this report appropriately and grouping data at the correct level.

  • Attach an Example Report and a Report Mock-Up

    Attaching both a sample of what a finished report should look like, along with the report's criteria in a mock-up will ensure that we understand both the formatting and logic that we should use when we build your report. That is, how we should select records for each section of the report, any grouping or sorting information for those sections, and any other logic that we should use when building the report. These attachments should be in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Rich Text Format.

For detailed instructions for Report Setup work requests, see Submitting Report Setup Work Requests.

New Report Effects on Screens and Records

Although you can add new reports at any time, adding new reports may require new data fields for activity entries. Users will then need to backfill affected records for all years to ensure they are included in the report. This process will require your users to revisit their completed work. Managing report construction alongside screen design is more of an art than a science, and will be iterative. Since new reports will likely require the addition of new fields to support the reports, it is important to try to reduce the amount of flux over time as much as possible. To ensure that screens are set up to collect as much of the necessary data as possible from the outset, we strongly recommend that you analyze as many of your reporting requirements toward the beginning of your implementation as possible, and factor in time for record updates or backfilling whenever you build a new report.

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